Beauty Army, Month Two

Last month I posted about joining Beauty Army and how I was super excited to try my first beauty sample box.

Well, I wasn’t all that impressed with Beauty Army.  I did receive 6 samples of my choosing, and I’ve tried 3 of them, and only used up 1.  The other three I haven’t been bothered to try yet, but I’ll get around to it eventually.  This is what I received last month

The samples are good, but not exactly what I can use.  I can’t fault them though, or myself, as this was the first month I was using this program and had no experience with any of the products.  However, I did really like the first sample by Control Corrective.  It did offer some redness relief, and since my skin does tend to get quite red, I liked that.

I have not used the top two (middle and right), as I just keep forgetting about them.  The top right one though, I am afraid to use as it has benzoyl peroxide in it, and that ingredient does NOT mesh well with my skin at all.  I’ve used Clinique’s 3 step acne program in the past, and I had an allergic reaction almost to the benzoyl peroxide.  So I will probably toss that one.

I did use the foundation, by MyFace, and the color was spot on with my skin.  The coverage was not.  This is a very light coverage, and I need a medium to full coverage.  However, it might suit me in the summer when I don’t want to wear anything as heavy as my Lorac foundation (which I LOVE).  So I’ll keep it around.

And of the last two samples, I tried the BeFine moisturizer, but found it was not moisturizing enough for me at all.  I won’t use it at all.  I haven’t tried the Indi Lee lavender moisturizing oil yet, but will get around to it eventually.

So all in all, I wasn’t too impressed with the samples I was allowed to pick in April.  But this month? WOW! May’s selection is amazing for me, and I picked mine first thing this morning.  Here’s what I am getting:

Doesn’t that all look awesome? I’m so excited to get it.  The control corrective isn’t the same moisturizer I received before, but is a redness serum, so it should work the same. The pink sugar perfume I actually JUST bought at Sephora a few weeks back, so this will be nice to have for travel so I don’t have to take my big bottle with me (and we are going on a getaway Memorial Day weekend).  The dude shower gel is for Mr eHarmony, obviously.  And then the makeup remover cloth I’ll be able to use as well.  But the holy grail in this was the eye candy soothing eye coolers.  How great are those? They’re little gel packs to relieve swollen eyes, puffiness, allergies etc.  I snatched those up in a second, and good thing too, because guess what the retail value is? $12.  And Beauty Army costs $12 a month.  So the extra samples are just bonus on top of that.

Have you joined any beauty sample programs? What do you think of them?


*expect a birchbox review sometime next month. I just received my gossip girl box, and I’m not too sure I will stay with them yet, but I will give them a couple months.


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