Mr eHarmony, The Texting Noob

Wow has this blog been depressing lately, sorry about that folks! I’ll try to do a bit better in that department, but honestly…wow, being a single mom and an only parent on top of that makes my life that much harder and more stressful.  It really sucks some days.  We have had some wonderful times though recently, and Mr eHarmony and I celebrated our 7 month anniversary this past Tuesday.  We’re both remarking on how fast it has gone, and it seems like just yesterday that we met.  I jokingly tease him that we’ll be at a year before he knows it, and since we have talked about moving in together later this year, also remind him that his lease will be up a mere 6 weeks after our 1 year anniversary. *insert mischievious laugh*

Speaking of mischievous laughs…I have a funny quip to tell you about.  Early on in our dating history, probably a month or less in, we were texting each other like mad.  We don’t text as much anymore, we’ve really settled into a pattern that suits us both.  Anyway, I was saying something funny to Mr eHarmony and ended the text with “insert mischievous laugh”.  I wrote just that.  He responded with:

I don’t have that emoticon 😦

And I laughed and laughed and laughed.  I tried to explain to him it was just a saying, and not an emoticon.  I think he got it eventually, but he hadn’t really got to know the real Joanna yet either, and her sarcastic silly side either.  He just had to learn how to text properly.  But with that, comes instances like this…what I received this morning:

And I responded with “Oooh a rainbow! I wish it was a double rainbow”.  Truth be told, I’ve never seen that whole YouTube phenomenon about the double rainbow, I only know about it.  So Mr eHarmony may have learned to text properly, but now he over uses clip art, ha ha.  It’s all in jest though, I tease him because I love him.

While writing this post, I went back through my iPhone and found you all this:

I’ve saved gems like this, for future posterity.  I love looking back at them and reading what we used to write to each other. Even though it has been only 7 months, it feels like a lot longer than that.  I guess that’s what happens when you really are in love with your best friend.



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