So you want to know about me. I’m a 31 year old widow, single mom, doctor who and futurama lover.  I have four kids.  My husband died from H1N1 two years ago.  Go get your flu shot.  Also, that header picture? That’s mine, so don’t steal it.  I took that. It belongs to yours truly.  I’m a photographer, it is my passion. Love my Canon 60D.  I also bake really awesome cupcakes.

I really like Zombies, Bacon, Glitter, and the word Fuck.

Yes, my profile picture is really me.  I took if February 2012.  I don’t always look that young, some days I look like a hot mess with PMS and greasy hair, so don’t be disillusioned if you see another photo of me. Just thank my mom for great aging genes!

p.s.  if you’re looking for archived posts, you have to scroll to the bottom of the main page to find them.  This template doesn’t allow a widget for that on the sidebar.


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