Ummmm….Yeah. Hi?

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth!  I’ve been a busy bee the last 6 weeks, and it looks like December is really my only “down” month, as come January, I’ll be busy again.

Since I last wrote the last post, we have pretty much been going non-stop.  Andrew and I took our kids to California for 10 days,where we visited the Jelly Belly Factory, Golden Gate Bridge, Disney Land, Huntington Beach, La Brea Tar Pits, Long Beach, Hollywood, and Medieval Times.  We had an amazing vacation, and the children and I got to meet our new family, Andrew’s mom, sister, and dad. 🙂

After we got back, there was just more busyness, as we had to decorate our house for Christmas.  Yes, it was pretty early, but we also had an early Christmas/Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day.  We did that to ensure that Andrew and I still had Christmas together with our kids.  And after that, it was pretty much getting Andrew ready to move to Kansas.

He’s been gone for almost two weeks now, and it was heart wrenching watching him drive away.  I cried hysterically because I did not want to experience that, but we’re counting down the weeks now, as I should hopefully be visiting him in just 5 weeks now! We’ve adjusted as well as we can, and it does feel like it did when my first husband was gone all the time.  I don’t enjoy sleeping alone every night, and I miss my husband so much, but each day that passes is one day closer to being together again next summer.  We talk on the phone every day, and skype almost every day too.  It helps keep us closer.  We just have to keep our eyes on the prize…and that it will be wonderful to spend five days together next month!!

I joined a gym, and start tomorrow. Ugh. I’m not excited about that, but c’est la vie.  It’s what needs to be done.  What I am looking forward to though, is that it will keep my mornings somewhat busy.  I plan to go every day after the kids get on the bus.

We’ve been looking for a house in Kansas, and found a great home to rent.  We almost signed the lease this week.  Almost. After much heartache, crying, and arguing, we came to realize that living on post is better for our family.  So with much regret, we told a very angry family that we would not be renting from them.  The downside with living on post, is that we have to re-home one of our cats.  We already have two dogs, and on post, you can only have three pets.  It is a heartbreaking decision to have to re-home a pet, especially one you have had for over 5 years, but we had to do what is best.  Our only hope is that we can find Zeus a loving wonderful home.  Now I begin the search for a new family for Zeusy, and we wait for on post housing.

My hope is that I will write more, but the last couple months, my heart has not been in it. I’ve been slightly preoccupied, but perhaps that will change soon and the desire to write again will come back.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!


Merry Christmas!

This is an early post from me, to all of you, as I won’t have much time this weekend to write anything.  I’ve been quite busy lately, with the kids, “friend” drama, Mr eHarmony and getting ready for Christmas.

For the first time in three years, the kids and I are having a “normal” Christmas.  Our last real christmas was in 2008, which was our last Christmas with my husband.  That year he saved up his truck money (the per diem he got for being a truck driver) and bought me an iPod touch.  I remember opening it up, and screaming when he gave it to me.  We still have it, and the kids play with it daily as I have an iPhone 4 now. 2009 was coping, going through the motions.  It was a horrible Christmas, and all I remember is yelling and screaming at my mother because she refused to help me cook turkey dinner.  It was horrible.  It was my first time cooking turkey (my husband had done it every single year beforehand), and it ended in a screaming match with me running into my bedroom, slamming the door shut and sobbing hysterically into his t-shirt.

Last year, 2010, the kids and I went up north for Christmas and spent it with my family in Canada.  We had a fairly good, but very busy christmas.  Seeing as this is our second year in this house, the kids really wanted to spend Christmas here at home, so I told my family to come here and visit.  So, my mom and sister saw us earlier this month, and my dad, step mom and brother are coming on Saturday and staying for a few days.

I’ve been baking up a storm, as I’ve felt like I’ve had to make up for it because I haven’t done it in three years.  I’ve made three different batches of fudge, chocolate candy cane hearts, short bread, no bakes, and I’m going to make one more cookie bar tonight.  The kids love it, and I like it too because I am trying to reinstate all of our old traditions.  To be honest, it feels really good.  It actually feels like Christmas this year.

The presents are all wrapped and under the tree because Mr eHarmony and I did that last weekend.  It may have taken us 2.5 hours, but we did it (mostly me doing the wrapping, he did the big stuff), and had a great time talking and bonding with each other when we did.  I think we were both as stiff as boards when we got up from the floor though, as sitting cross-legged for that long will leave you feeling like an old person.

I probably bought way too many presents this year, I really spoiled the kids, but I know it’s because I feel like I have to make up for the past two years.  Not that the kids didn’t get good gifts either year in 2009 and 2010, but because this is our first real, normal Christmas.  I want them to have a good childhood, even though their daddy is no longer with us.

Last night Mr eHarmony and I had our little Christmas together, as he flew to LA today for a week.  I think I am the BEST girlfriend ever, because I bought him this, along with a few other things (he was spoiled, really).  His reaction last night was priceless…imagine a HUGE gasp of air, eyes wide as saucers, and holding that look for at least a minute as he turned the box round and round, and finally, slowly, eked out “Mechagodzilla” in a slow breathy sentence.  Oh yeah, it was that amazing.  He bought me this, which I have been lusting after for ages, a Doctor Who figurine set (both SUPER AWESOME!!!), and The Deathly Hallows part 1 & 2 on Blu-Ray.  The kids and I brought him to the airport this morning, and I missed him as soon as I drove off.  😦 He’ll be back on the 29th, and I am already anxiously counting down the days till I see him again and pick him up.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, and lots of joyous wonderful time with your loved ones! To end this, here is Mr eHarmony’s favorite Christmas song (and one I have always enjoyed too):

Canadian Geese and Christmas Crafts

Tonight my oldest two kids had their very first band concert, and they did a fantastic job!  My oldest daughter plays the flute, and her twin brother plays the trumpet.  As they are beginners, they don’t sound “perfect” yet, but for beginning fifth graders, they did such a good job, and I wore out my camera battery filming them.

Mr eHarmony and I had a few good laughs while we were listening to them, as one of the clarinet players had a bad reed,and kept squeaking during the concert.  We were laughing as quietly as we could though, because it sounded like a Canadian Goose snuck in the gym and tried to harmonize with the band.

Tonight was one of those nights I wish my husband could have experienced, because he is missing out on some of the most important milestones in our children’s lives.  He would have been so proud of them tonight, as every night.  I kind of took him with me though, he was around my neck in my blown glass pendant.  I’ll probably land up doing this for other important events; it makes me feel better to be honest, having a little piece of him with us still.

In other news, this is the first year in three that we have had a “normal” Christmas.  2008 was our last Christmas with Barry, and the last year that I really baked too.  I am really looking forward to baking this year, and doing some more crafts with the kids.  Here is a taste of what we have done so far:

To make these, melt the candy canes together on a greased cookie sheet at 350F for about 2 minutes till they JUST start to melt. Let the candy harden again for a few minutes until cool to the touch.

Then add melted chocolate and crushed candy canes as garnish, and let cool.

The inspiration for these came from Organized Christmas, one of my long time favorite Christmas sites. I made them for the kids’ teachers, and bus driver.