New York City, Honeymoon Day 1.5, Part 1

Andrew and I had quite a few busy days before we left on our honeymoon, including a whirlwind trip up to BC, Canada to visit with my family and say goodbye before we moved to KS.  We spent time at the lake with my cousins and aunts and uncles, went to the ocean with my siblings and mom, and had a wonderful brunch with some old friends from highschool that I hadn’t seen since 1998/1999.  It was a very short visit, but a wonderful one at that. Two days after we got back from Canada, we left for our honeymoon to NYC!!

Our flight left SeaTac at 11:30 at night, as we thought a red-eye would allow us a bit more time in the city.  The day we left, July 9th, we did so many errands, grocery shopping, went out for lunch, and packing.  We came home and my sister did my hair for me, I felt so pretty!!!

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Our luggage, aren’t those tags super cute? I got them at Archie McPhee in Seattle the last time we were there in June.

We were on such a high driving to the airport, I just couldn’t wait to start the trip with my husband! We were going to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at the airport, but landed up just eating Qdoba, which was fairly cheap (a wise decision because we landed up spending a TON on food in NYC) in the main terminal.  We moseyed on over to our terminal and stood in line to ask the flight attendants if we could board early, we were second in line.  Here I was, all prettied up, standing with my husband and then this guy in front of me turns around.  I knew I recognized him, and he was staring straight at me, looking me in the eye, but my mind was blank.  As soon as he walked past me, it hit me…it was JOSHLUCAS!!! OMG JOSHLUCAS WAS ON OUR FLIGHT.  HOLY CRAP.

Andrew got a good laugh because my jaw dropped, and I was desperate to get a picture with him, but I left him alone because he had his baby boy with him.  He’s just as handsome in real life as he is in the movies.  I spent the hour and a half before the flight silently stalking him in the terminal haha, Andrew laughing at me the whole time.  Good thing he’s a good sport about that!

Ok, we landed in NYC around 7:30AM EST, and as soon as we walked out of the terminal, we were hit with a blast of sticky, heavy, muggy air.  Yuck.  We had hired a car service though, and they were there to pick us up quite fast, we only waited about 10-15 minutes.  I was glad for that because we were pooped! We didn’t sleep well on the flight, despite having a drink beforehand, and it was so muggy. I loved seeing the different cultures even at the airport; We saw a very orthodox Jewish family, and I felt bad for those girls because they were wearing black stockings and heavy shoes on a HOT day in July! But I suppose they are used to it because that is how they have been raised.  It was fascinating seeing them like that though, as it’s something I have never seen in real life.

Our cab driver was insane when he was driving in Manhattan, he scared us a bit, but the ride in itself was an experience.  We saw so many iconic buildings on the way to our hotel, including the UN!  You really do learn to drive like a maniac when you live in the city…crazy!!!

Our hotel was Ink 48, and I hope we stay there again when we’re in NYC, because we loved it.  There was a mixup with our rooms, so the first night we had a standard room, and the 2nd day we were switched to a junior suite.  The hotel was very modern, and for the most part they were quite friendly. I think I forgot to get pictures of our room, unfortunately.  We dropped our bags off at the hotel around 10AM, freshened up in the bathrooms, and then headed off for our first honeymoon adventure, finding somewhere to eat!

iPhone backup Aug 4 1081


The view from our first hotel room

One of the places on my foodie list was “La Bergamote“, a little french bistro a few blocks away from our hotel in Hell’s Kitchen.  It was so amazing!!

I ordered the Croque Madame, with a side of berries, and Andrew had the Croque Monsieur with a side of bacon.  We also had their house coffee, and absolutely LOVED it. We told them we were on our honeymoon, and they gave us a free pastry. Thank you!   We loved this place so much we came back again the next day for more. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is visiting NYC, you will not be disappointed. Unfortunately, I only had my large Canon 60D camera with me, and did not take photos of our food the first day.

After stuffing ourselves with was quite possibly the most delicious brunch ever, we headed to Pier 83 for our next adventure, a Circle Line Cruise of Manhattan!

More to come soon!





Top Five, Better Late Than Never

FYI…this is a LONG post, be forewarned.

If you recall past posts, we were trying to figure out what to do about a honeymoon. Everyone bailed on us for watching the kids, and I can count on less than one hand, the amount of close friends I have here. So that left us with no one, as my family is all out-of-town too.  I was really trying not to be depressed about not getting a honeymoon, but yesterday the sun broke through the clouds…

My wonderful amazing sister gave up her vacation with her friends to spend 5 days with our kids.  I don’t think I could thank her enough for giving up her time for us, as we won’t get the time alone for years.  She knows how much we love her for it!  Love you Sissy Poo! She’s like a second mother to the kids, so it will be special for all of them.  I know I have to get to the Top 5, so without further Top 5 is about…

NEW YORK CITY  and Honeymooning

1) Honeymooning

Some couples don’t place a huge importance on honeymoons, but I totally believe that every couple deserves and requires time alone at the beginning of their marriage/or without kids, to nurture and invest in your relationship.  Your relationship will suffer over time if you do not put the work into it, and Andrew and I have made a point since we started dating to carve out alone time for ourselves sans kids.  We still do that now that we’re married, and we will continue to do that. Kids won’t suffer if their parents are gone for a weekend, or a date night, but they will suffer if the marriage is not nurtured.  Date nights and trips are essential for a health marriage, and it helps keep you in love with each other. Plus, sex in a hotel room on a vacation with only you and your spouse is sexy.

Think of your marriage as a beautiful flower that you lovingly plant.  As time goes by, you have to keep watering and giving it food, or else it’s going to die.  If you don’t give that plant the love and food, it’s going to wither beyond all recognition and become an empty shell. But if you do feed it, love it, water it, then the plant will continue to flourish as the years go by, and it will grow such deep roots that you can never tear it apart. Dates, sex, honeymoons, flirting, weekends away (if you can find a sitter)…those are all food for your marriage.

2) WICKED!!!

Oh my gosh, I am so freaking excited to see this musical on Broadway.  I read most of the “Wicked” series by Gregory Maguire, and fell in love with Wicked.  We missed it in Seattle this past October, but now we get a chance to see it on Broadway! Score!

The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie of all time, and I have always loved the Wicked Witch.  I really can’t wait to see this, I don’t think I can say that enough!!

Wicked The Musical

3) Statue of Liberty

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I know that as of right now Ellis Island is closed due to Hurricane Sandy, but we can still take a harbor cruise to see it.

Being a newly minted United States Citizen, this is at the top of my list. Not much else to say than that…it pretty much explains itself.

4) Museum of Natural History

Dinosaurs! History! More Dinosaurs!!!!!

Another one on my must see list, I have fantasized about this forever ever since I read “Relic” in high school.  I loved that book!  Do you know how excited I am to walk through this museum and see a T-Rex skeleton? I often wanted to study paleontology/archeology when I was growing up, and history has always fascinated me.

5) Alone Time/Central Park/ 9/11 Memorial 

I wanted to write about all three of these, so I’m lumping them all together.  I am excited for alone time with my husband, and especially to travel with him sans kids.  I’ve never done that before, been on a vacation with the man who I love, ever, so this is going to be super fun. An Adult vacation!  I can’t wait to explore NYC with him, and to walk hand in hand through Central Park.  Maybe we’ll take a clichéd horse and buggy ride, or maybe we’ll rent a boat and paddle across the lake, or just sit on a bench and people watch as we eat an ice cream cone.

Andrew’s one request for this honeymoon was visiting the 9/11 Memorial, and I am happy to go visit that with him. Being a soldier, 9/11 was the turning point in his career, and it means so much to him to see this…and I’ll be the forever supportive wife who holds her husband’s hand as we go there.

P.S….yeah I know this Top 5 was all over the place tonight, but oh well!

Honeymoons…choices choices choices

You’d think I’d write about Christmas, right? Or the fact that tomorrow would be mine and Barry’s 13th Wedding Anniversary, but no…those things are better left alone. Christmas was partly a dismal failure due to my father ruining it for us all, and the only bright spot was my siblings and I having so much fun together. And tomorrow…well, what good does it do to talk about it? I’m not being cold, I just have nothing to say about it, and especially now that I’m re-married.

Today’s topic is “Honeymoon”, and where Andrew and I should go on ours.  I’m probably going out on a limb by saying this, but tonight we discussed CHINA! I’m not really sure of the reality of that, or the practicality of it, but we did discuss it.

In the race are…drum roll please…

  1. An Alaskan cruise
  2. Paris
  3. Beijing

How do we pick?

All three are on my bucket list, and Alaska and China are on Andrew’s.  They’re so much so on his, that I’ve been informed that I will have to spread his ashes off the Great Wall of China once he dies.  Guess I get to visit China twice in my life then, hah!   I want to see all three for the photography opportunities, for the adventure I will have with my husband, and the lifetime of memories we will have.

So, Alaska.  Well, since we live in the Pacific Northwest, Alaskan cruises will always be available to us. Always.  When we come back here after the  military returns us, we can go to Alaska as well.  Heck, the ships sail out of Seattle!  But then I dream about how majestic those glaciers are, how amazing it would be to see all that jaw dropping landscape off of a ship balcony.  We could walk on a glacier, take a sled dog tour, and I could watch Andrew eat all the salmon in the world while I try not to vomit (food poisoning 6 years ago, don’t ask, it was horrid). Landscape photography is my passion, and I know Alaska would offer some amazing opportunities.

Paris…what girl doesn’t dream about Paris? The Eiffel tower, eating a baguette and cheese, Sacre Couer, Montmartre, Notre Dame.  Everything about Paris is a dream come true, and I desperately want to visit there.  I am such a history buff that I am dying to go visit such a history laden area of the world, and even more so, I want to walk in the catacombs.  And visit famous cemeteries! I want to shop in the original Sephora, and drive my husband crazy as I overspend on everything.  But most of all, I want to take pictures.  I have this fantasy of taking a gorgeous black and white photo of the Eiffel tower, at night, in all it’s splendor.

China, while it does not induce as much passion in me as Paris, has been on my bucket list for probably even longer than Paris.  As a young girl, we hosted international students at our home during the summers, and though these girls were all Japanese, the thrill of Asia was beckoning to me.  I can just picture it in my head, walking along the Great Wall of China hand in hand with my half Chinese husband.  I also want to go to China for him, it is definitely some place he has to go before he dies.  Can you imagine how amazing it would be to visit the Forbidden City? Tiananmen Square? And though I’ve seen Pandas at San Diego Zoo, to see them in China would be even more amazing.  And the coup de gras for me, would be to take the best photo possible of the Great Wall of China winding off into the distance.

I would be excited to see all three of these beautiful places, and all that really matters is that my husband and I have a great time together.  But how do we decide? Believe it or not, flying into Beijing is between $600-1K cheaper for us compared to flying into Paris.

If you have been to any of these places, can you give me a word of advice? What do you recommend?