Six Weeks and Counting

Just realized today that we are leaving in SIX WEEKS!!

That seems like no time at all, doesn’t it? It sure does to me.

The kids are out of school now and we’ve spent the last two days like utter complete bums, not doing a damn thing.  I didn’t shower yesterday till early afternoon, and today had to force myself to shower.  It’s nice to have a a couple lazy days here and there, but we do have some fun activities planned for the next 6 weeks before we move.

Tomorrow I plan on taking the kids to Seattle for the day, and visiting the Woodland Park Zoo (we have a membership), going to Dick’s for lunch, and then Archie McPhee to get a mask of some sort.  We already have the Horse, Squirrel, Cardinal, Giraffe and the Rat.  Andrew wants me to get one so all six of us have one, hahaha.  If the kids are hungry after that, we’re going to head over to either the Fainting Goat or Molly Moon’s for Ice cream, before heading to the Fremont Troll for a photo opp.  Then we’ll round off the afternoon with a bit of playtime at Gasworks Park.  Even though we live an hour south, Seattle really feels like “our” city.  It’s where Andrew and I spent many of our dates while we were dating, and we’ve taken the kids multiple times.  We spent our wedding night there too back in October.  We love it, and feel at home there, so we are trying to fit in as much of it as we can before we leave.  We’ll probably go one more time before we leave, and visit the market, the pier and who knows what else.

In the next few weeks we also plan on hitting up the concerts in the park here in town,  and children’s entertainment series as well, which are usually at night for an hour once  a week.  We really enjoy those.  We’ll also hit up our local favorite, Tolmie State Park, to take the dogs swimming and go wading ourselves.

Our last hurrah in BC will be visiting my extended family for a HUGE 200+ person reunion, and spending some time with my immediate family for a couple days as well.  We always love going up to BC, and this time is no exception, as it will most likely be a few years at least before we can take the kids back as airfare is so dang expensive for a big family.

After that Andrew and I leave for our honeymoon, NYC!! EEK!!!  Can’t wait for that, we leave in 23 days. Woohoo!!! We have so many fun things planned, I just need to study the subway a bit better and see if we should either rent a car, or take the subway from the airport to our hotel.  I can’t even hide my excitement for this trip.

Once we get back we plan to go to Seattle one more time like I mentioned earlier, and then hit up the coast for a whole day with the kids and dogs.  That will be our last hurrah here in WA state.  We’ll make a fire, and roast some hot dogs and make smores, throw the ball for the dogs in the sand, wade in the salt water and just enjoy it.  We love going to the coast, and figured it would be a good last trip as we’ll be landlocked in Kansas.

All of this, plus the act of moving itself, cleaning up the house as much as we can, organizing even more, saying goodbye to friends, packing up the boxes we’re taking in our Uhaul trailer, has to happen in the next six weeks.

Then we’ll get to watch the movers hammer the last nail into the crate, and walk into an empty house.

Six weeks from today is going to be our last night in this house.

Then we leave.

There will be tears.


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