Ten Favorites Right Now

I’m bored, cranky for no apparent reason, and don’t feel like doing shit, so here’s a blog post for you all about ten beauty products I am totally in love with right now.

1) Bumble & Bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse

This stuff is freaking awesome. Thanks to my sister for getting me hooked on Bumble & Bumble. I’m going to have her get me a few more of these before we move, as she gets them at cost, and I pay her for it. Woot!  This stuff really thickens up my hair and gives it the body that it needs.



2) BeneFit Erase Paste

Always a favorite of mine, it’s the only product that covers up my under eye area, which unfortunately has dark coloring due to genetics.  I will never stop using this!



3) MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot

Originally I was introduced to this about two years ago by a makeup artist at my local MAC store. It’s become my to-go primer for my eye shadow, and I also use it to tone down my other paint pot, Indianwood.  A little goes a long way, all you have to do is gently pat or swirl your finger tip (yeah, I use my fingers) on it, and pat on your eye lid.  Use a featherweight touch, don’t dig your finger into it.



4) Clinique Advanced Coverup

For when my face is absolutely being a bitch to me, which seems to be quite often lately because of stress, this is the only cover up I use to hide those nasty blemishes. Man I wish I had the perfect skin I had in my teens, and now I’m cursed with off and on adult acne. Ugh.  This stuff works well though, and I love it. I’ve bought it consistently for years.


5) Clinique Brow Keeper

I also have used this for years, and then last fall ventured over into the Anastasia brow area to explore a bit, but ultimately came back to this little gem.  It’s a colored gel pencil that colors and holds the eyebrow hairs in place.  I’ve been using this since 2004!


6) TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude eye shadow palette

Wow, this is so amazing.  The shadows are very buttery and extremely easy to apply.  I don’t care much for a lot of shimmer, so this is perfect for those days I want a neutral nude look.  I scored it for half off too!



7) BeneFit Fine One One

I discovered this gem via Birchbox, and it’s my to-go blush. I love that it’s just a “swipe and go” type of product, and perfect for an easy application of color on my cheeks.


8) Tresemme Dry Shampoo

I probably use this almost every day, even on days I wash my hair.  Probably the best product I have ever used in my life, and it only costs about $4.50 at Target.  LOVE love love LOVE it!



9) Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

This is something every woman should have in her arsenal.  My makeup stays put all day long when I use this. Simply perfect.



10) Mac’s “Hug Me” Lipstick

I have a handful of lip products, and two other favorites are by Urban Decay, but I got this for free and it’s actually my favorite color. I prefer to go more nude with my lips, unlike my eyes where I am often rocking green eyeliner or green eyeshadow, so this color is perfect for me.



You’ve probably noticed I’m a bit of a makeup snob by all the high end brands.  Not really, I just like them so I buy them.  I have plenty of drugstore brands too that I won’t go without, like Neutrogena eye makeup remover and Target’s face wipes, as well as Sally Hansen nail polish to name a few.  I do have too much eye shadow, the bulk of it being by Urban Decay, and I am a mascara junkie, my favorite being Smoky Lash by Makeup Forever.  I do want to tone down my makeup collection though, so some of it is going home with my sister this summer 🙂


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