I’m a horrible blogger

Wow, I have neglected this thing lately! 

Still incredibly busy and pre-occupied with life.  Just life, and it’s chaotic here all the time. We’re down to less than 60 days before we move now, about 59 to be exact.  Woohoo!

This past weekend we were treated to a short, but very sweet, weekend visit with my husband. He only got to stay for three nights, but some is better than none.  That’s ok though, because we will see him in 36 days again! We’re counting down till July 5th when he comes home and we’ll be together “forever”, at least till he deploys (knock on wood, not any time soon). We didn’t do anything glamorous, but we did combine our cell phone plans! haha.  Finally, after 7 months of marriage, we have the same cell plan, and I have a shiny new iPhone 5 (Siri is amazing and hilarious!!!).  Oh, we did get out for a few hours Saturday morning to do a bit of shopping with each other, and we went out to our favorite fast food restaurant too…Panda Express. mmmmm….Beijing Beef.  The purpose of this shopping trip was to find him an outfit for Wicked, which we’ll see on Broadway in mid July.  Thought it was going to be a horrid experience like the last time we went clothes shopping, but this was painless.  He looks so handsome! Dark khaki dress pants, a navy button up shirt, and a fabulous blue/khaki silk tie.  I could eat him up! 

Tomorrow we have our first showing for our house!  The house has only been up for rent for a couple weeks now, so this is great progress.  It won’t  kill us financially if we don’t have a renter for a couple months, but I am hoping this one lady loves it enough to apply for it so we can have that peace of mind before we move.  

Speaking of moving…I have pretty much scheduled every thing, and that in itself is a HUGE weight off  my shoulders.  We worked in the garage over the weekend, so that is done too.  I scheduled our u-Haul trailer, our movers are scheduled, all our hotels are booked…all that’s really left for me to do is fill out the final paperwork for the pet transport, and pack what we’re taking in the u-Haul.  U-Haul get’s done the last minute, but we have a list of what we are taking.  We have made great strides in reducing clutter, and have also arranged with a friend of mine to donate all our leftover items to their church. That includes our washer and dryer, as we bought a new set for the house in Kansas. 

I am feeling at peace with this now, and getting very excited to move and see/experience new things. I am so excited to live with my husband and get to do those day to day wifely things for him like making his lunch, cooking him dinner, seeing him off to work in the morning.  But most importantly, getting to sleep in the same bed as him and telling him I love him in person, rather than on the phone.  

Is it weird that I kind of consider June to be the last month we’re really here? It sounds weird when I say it, but in my head it sounds perfectly logical.  I’m going to be gone half of July with traveling, and moving the rest of the time.  My focus will be entirely upon moving and getting this house ready for the renters, while June is mine and the kids’ last “free” month to do anything we want here in WA.    I have a couple plans with some friends, we’ll be hitting up Seattle one more time and going to the zoo and our favorite burger place.  We also plan to go to the local beach, because the dogs love swimming while we’re there.  

I’m pretty excited!


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