A Brief Hello from the Trenches

Well folks, shit is starting to hit the fan in our house.  Thankfully not literally speaking, that would be pretty gross.

Sorry for not posting in almost two weeks, I know those Kansas photos were pretty damn awesome, and it’s a bit hard to come up with an amazing post just like that.  Rest assured though, I do have TONS of photos still from our trip that I haven’t even gotten around to editing.  Some of those including fantastic animal shots from Tanganyika Wild Animal Park, and the “Rainbow” House in Topeka.  If you don’t know what that is, google it and stop living under a rock.

Our final move date has been scheduled, and it looks like we’re pulling out of our driveway July 28th.  Movers will be coming the 25th and 26th. I remember thinking back in November how much time we had, and how 8 months would go by super slow.


We are at 3 months now till the movers come.  Three measly months.  I finally got off my butt last week and faced my fear of planning and realized that “Joanna, you have got to just get it done. No one’s going to do it for you,  you have no help, and you have to get organized.”  First I made a list.  Then I wrote all those listy items onto pink heart-shaped post it notes.  Then I put all of them in a nice pattern on two sheets of 8×11 paper and taped them to my wall beside my fridge.  And now, I am tearing them off the paper.  How glorious it is to see the paper become more empty as each week passes.

All last week and this week I’ve been cleaning blinds, and scrubbing out my shower and the toilets in the house so they’re sparkly clean and look brand new, etc etc.  Today I stood shin deep in my big bath tub, which was filled with a warm soapy, yet murky water, and washed more blinds. Hey, don’t judge…blinds are the least of my worries when I’m raising four kids.  I’m sure you don’t clean them all the time either.  I also finally made myself call the property manager and arranged for her to stop by next week and get a rent assessment for the house.  She comes in a week, next Monday.  I will also sign the contract then, and we can then look for renters.  She actually really scares and intimidates me, and that is why I chose her as a landlord for us.  I rented from her for two years, so I know she will do a good job for us.  I also have to de-clutter more, and more and more.

Yesterday I also start packing some of our fragile stuff that the movers are not taking, including all my antique Pre-WWII Antique colored glass dishes.  And today I called moving companies, and am setting up consults so they can tell us how much poorer we’ll be this summer.

It might seem a bit premature to some of you for me to get this all done now, but in reality, I only have just over two months, because once July starts, I won’t have time with all our commitments during that month.  We’re entering busy season with school: field trips, more band concerts, end of the year activities, and the 6th grade graduation ceremony too.

I’ll leave you with this; One amazing, very exciting, very awesome thing happened last week.  I called to let our hotel in NYC know that we’re going to be on our honeymoon, because they apparently leave you a dessert and a bottle of champagne in your room (Thank you TripAdvisor for that tip!!).  Well, the concierge asked me why we were on our trip, and I told him my husband was a soldier and we were on our belated honeymoon because we couldn’t go before due to Army commitments.  Well, that really awesome guy upgraded our hotel room! We are so stoked and can’t wait to get to NYC.



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