It’s “VOILA”, NOT “Walla”

One of my very biggest, annoying, makes-me-want-to-hit-people pet peeves is when I hear or see someone write “Walla” instead of “Voila”.  It really fills me with an indescribable rage, and I want to punch them in the throat 🙂

If you’re going to say “Walla”, why not take it one step further and just say “Walla Walla Onions”? or “Walla Walla Washington”? How am I supposed to know if you are trying to say “Voila” and are just an idiot, or if you are somehow referencing a type of onions grown in Eastern WA state, or maybe the town of Walla Walla itself!

Wouldn’t that be funny? Someone wants to use “walla” as an expressive word, and says “Oh wow, Walla Walla Washington look what I did!!”  Or “Walla Walla Washington, It’s done!”. Or even “My masterpiece is complete, Walla Walla Onions!”.

Do you see how stupid it is?

This reminds me of a time, years ago, when my first husband and I were engaged, and I was working at Subway while putting myself through University.  On several occasions I had customers come in and ask for the most bizarre things on their subs.

What the hell is a “Ja-la-pen-oh?” Seriously? You don’t know how to pronounce Jalapeno? Or this one lady who asked for a “Brah-zill” nut cookie.  IT’S BRAZIL NUT YOU NUT JOB.  I’ve always laughed about it, but to this day I am blown away by the rampant  mispronunciation in of ohhh…about 90% of words North America.

Just to have fun though, one time we went through the Taco Bell drive through and asked for fah-g-eye-tas”.  But that was a joke, we actually knew we were doing it wrong…unlike the person who says “Walla”, and doesn’t know how to pronounce Jalapeno or Brazil.

ps…leftover Beijing Beef and Chow Mein from Panda Express is a most excellent breakfast.


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