Kansas Pictures

I just wanted to share some photos I took of this really fascinating, yet eerily creepy home we found on the side of the road on our way to the Oz Museum.  I saw it back in January, but did not have my camera with me, so this time I made sure to take it.  I got some fantastic photos 🙂

So, I kind of fell in love with this house, and took about 200 photos of it.  Way too many 🙂 I picked out the best ones and figured I’d tell you all what I saw inside.

I wanted to go in the house, but my husband cautioned me not too, as we were concerned the floorboards might give way while I stood there.  I don’t know how this house was even standing anymore, but it was.  As I walked up to the non-existent front door, I took a peek inside, and those are the two pictures you see with the bed to the right, and the empty doorway on the left.

I could almost swear this place was haunted.  Of course it was a somewhat breezy day, but there were some bizarre things happening.  Look at one of the pictures in black and white, do you see the old denim overalls on the right of the door jamb? As I was taking these photos, they kept swaying back and forth, back and forth.  They just hung there by a nail in the wood.

If you look at the photo with the bed, there is a cardboard box on top of it.  While looking through subsequent photos, and clicking very fast, it was apparent that one of the box flaps was also moving up and down rapidly.  The bed skirt also did this.  I am sure it was just the wind, but…I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some other worldly presence, as I didn’t notice any other “fluttering” when I was taking photos, except for the denim overalls.

One other suspicious item I noticed was the fridge.  If you can zoom in on the photo with the old fridge in it, it says “Open if you dare”.  I certainly did NOT dare, though I was very very curious to see what was inside.  I was not able to get to that part of the house though, unfortunately.  I think there must have been an attic or stairs at one point too, because I could see something eluding to that to my left when I stood inside the doorway.

Moving around to my right, and behind the house, I came upon the kitchen window. Through fragments of glass and wispy shreds of old curtains, I saw the kitchen.  You can see that photo in the gallery.  WOW is all I can say about that.  I moved aside the old curtains, and peered inside to see a plethora of old bottles/jugs filled with something brown and long forgotten.  I wish I had grabbed the milk glass vase, but there was no way to reach in through the window and get it off the little table.  Look at the old convection oven on top of the stove too, complete with a cookie sheet!

I kept walking around the house, and came to the actual front of it, which you can see in the photo where the house looks “L” shaped.  I saw a storm cellar and the kids asked if we could go down there to explore.   My husband and I said a resounding “NO”.  If we weren’t sure about the main floor, how safe would the cellar be? I could not get any clear photos inside the cellar, but someone had been doing some canning there ages ago, as I saw some old mason jars filled with what must have been food at one point.

As I was editing these photos last week, I could swear I saw some ghosts in the old screens through the windows.  What do you think happened to this house? I suspect it got hit by a tornado at one point.  Probably squatters too?

All I know is that it had a very “The Hills Have Eyes” vibe about it.  Very unsettling and creepy.


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  1. Hmm is anyone else experiencing issues using the photos on this blog loading? I am attempting to figure out if its an issue on my end or if it is the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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