No Goodbye Party

Wow, what a change from the July I did have planned, which included a wedding, a honeymoon and a goodbye party. Now we’re putting the kibosh on the goodbye party too.

I just don’t feel like it.

If you look at my schedule for July, you’d understand why.

  1. July 5-8th we’re away for a family reunion and to say goodbye to my mom
  2. July 9th-14th we’re in NYC for our honeymoon
  3. July 15-16 I have to bring my sister back home with our cat in tow
  4. July 27/28 we leave for Kansas

In between the 16th and the 27/28th, we have to clean the house, finish up packing, and have movers here too, so there really is no time at all for a goodbye party.  I thought I’d feel bad about it to be honest, but I really don’t care actually.  I am going miss a handful of people, one group especially being my grief support group.  Not really grief support anymore, but we met in January 2010, and attended a 6 week grief workshop at the local hospital.  We’re still getting together once a month for lunch.  These ladies are all like my grandma’s…I will really miss our monthly lunches together.

So here’s my proposition to you, my friends, who are reading this:

If you want to say goodbye, let me know, and we’ll plan something.  We’ll go have lunch, we’ll go to Starbucks, anything. I’m not going to make a huge effort to say goodbye to everyone because I’m so busy, so I hope that I mean enough to you for you to say goodbye to me.  Thanks to the few that have already said they’d like to do this 🙂


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