The “Son of a Bitch”

I’ve slowly been working my way back into regular gym time, after having an awful hacking cough for a while and being really sick last week.  It’s not very smart to go to the gym when you have a fever!  I usually try to go about 3-5 days a week, and I’ve done two so far this week.  Life often gets in the way, like sick kids, and luncheons with friends, and volunteering at the kids’ school, but I still try to make it work.  If I get three, I am happy.

This is what I’ve been working out on at the gym lately:



<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


And that my friends, is the “Son of  a Bitch”.  I hate it, and I love it.   It is an “Adaptive Motion Trainer” which kicks your ass.  This is not easy like an elliptical, and you have to force it to move yourself, so it really works you out and helps you burn calories.  I burn about 400 in a half hour.  I call it the “Son of a Bitch” because it really is one, it’s a hard workout! Just today I upped my resistance to a measly 2, and I still burned 400 calories in a half hour.

I love that it’s a step machine, a running machine and an elliptical of sorts.  I love getting moving on that thing and having no impact on my knees or heels (I suffer from plantar faciatis and have a heel spur too that I am working on healing, so the treadmill is awful for me), but still getting a fantastic workout.  I have always wanted to run, but my body is just not made for it, so this really helps with that.  I can still feel like I’m running with no impact whatsoever.

I wish we could afford a machine like this at home, but they are not cheap! The new blue series is going for almost 9K dollars!  I hope the new gym in Kansas has these because I will certainly miss this, I really love how I feel after I’m done.  If our gyms on post don’t have one, I might have to look into getting an off post gym membership

What do you like working out with at the gym?


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