It’s Friday, Top 5 Day!

I may as well just make this a regular feature on the blog, and I might start doing a “Wordless Wednesday” post too.  Keep an eye out for that.

Top 5

1) My Baby Turned 7

Yesterday was our youngest daughter’s birthday! I can hardly believe she is 7 already, and it makes me a little sad because she doesn’t seem so little anymore.  Growing by leaps and bounds, she weighs 60lbs and is almost 51″ tall.  She reads like a champ, and is one of the best readers in her first grade class.  She loves to tell jokes, has two buck teeth from sucking her thumb when she was younger (so occasionally I call her Buck Tooth Billy lol), but still calls me mama.

I wish they could stay little forever.

2) That’s Not Me Anymore

The other day when I was at Safeway paying for my groceries, the cashier called me “Mrs So&So” as I walked away.  I stopped for a moment, thinking…wait, that’s not me!  But it was actually.

She called me by my previous married name, the one I have now taken as a middle name.  I had forgotten to change my name on my Safeway club card, so on the receipt it automatically has me listed as “Joanna So&So”.

It was the weirdest feeling because it took me a moment to realize that, Yes, I am that person, but NO, I am not that person anymore.  I almost didn’t recognize even being called that, even though it’s been almost 5 months since Andrew and I have been married.  I really don’t identify with that name anymore, and it felt so strange to even be called that.

When she called me that, I realized that I don’t feel like that Joanna anymore.  That chapter in my life has closed, and a new one as Andrew’s wife has been started.

3) I Love Birchbox

Ok, this is not meant to be a total spam post asking for referrals, but if you DO decide you want to sign up for Birchbox, click on this link here.

Birchbox is a $10/month beauty subscription where you get about 5 deluxe size samples every month, and occasionally a FULL size product! The boxes vary each month, and after you receive your box you can review the products for points, and then spend your points in the birch box store to get free products! Every review earns 10 points, and 100 points equals $10 to spend in the store, and every referral you get earns you 50 points.  You can redeem points once you have over $10/100 or in increments of $10/100 points.

I just placed an order last week, and with my $30/300 points, and a 20% off code they had at the time, I got LuLu Organics Lavender & Clary Sage dry shampoo (AMAZING! I had it in a birchbox a few months back and just ran out of my sample, it’s my favorite!), a Classic Bagu Bag that I will use for shopping, and Shea Terra African Black Soap. It cost me less than $7 total after tax/shipping.  In the past I’ve bought a few other products too, including my favorite eyeliner and a BB cream, and beneFit erase paste and stay don’t stray eye primer!

Some samples I have received included a handful of full size mascaras, hand lotion, eye liner, a FULL SIZE stila primer (which is valued at $36 retail), chocolate fortune cookies, lots of shampoo and perfume samples, lipstick, face wash, BB cream/Foundation/eye cream, dry shampoo, exotic tea, nail polish, FULL size blush, cuticle cream, and a beauty blender (and those are $20 too!). One of my favorite samples was a volumizing shampoo sample that  was valued at about $10, and I am going to save up my points to buy a full size. That’s just a handful of what I have received, and my birch box subscription has more than paid for itself, especially with the full size products I have received.

Here’s the link to Birchbox again if you want to sign up (please, I want points!!! 🙂 )

4) Parent’s Who Don’t RSVP

You suck.  Really, You should be tarred and feathered. And put in the stocks, and have rotten fruit thrown at you.

All it takes is 30 seconds, just 30 seconds, to pick up your phone and text me to say “so&so will be at your daughter’s birthday party”.  But you’re too damn lazy to even do that, so shame on you.

I invited her whole class to the party, 23 kids.  We have to do that to be fair.  And do you know how many parent’s RSVPed to me? 3. Only three.  Oh, and one last minute one last night.  Four kids (three are coming) out of 23 kids. I sent out the invitations last week, and asked for an RSVP date of yesterday.


Parents, don’t you know that we have to plan a party and make sure we have enough cupcakes and party supplies? Don’t you realize we have to pay for birthday parties? Don’t you realize that you disappoint the birthday child if you don’t even bother to let us know if you are bringing your own child?

It’s called manners and common courtesy. LEARN IT. And RSVP for fuck’s sake. Ugh.

5) 19 More Days!

Oooh, we have a countdown on our kitchen chalkboard for our spring break trip to “Ottawa” to see my brother.  My poor kids are so dense sometimes, lol, and haven’t even picked up on the fact that we’re going to Kansas to see my husband.  Never mind that I told them we have a 2 hour layover in Missouri, and at the airport that’s only a few hours from our new home this summer.  They still think we’re going from Seattle to Missouri to Ottawa.

I’m so excited to see my man, I really miss him.  It’s been almost three weeks since he has been gone and it stinks.  Four more months till he’s back home for a month, and then we move three weeks later.

On another note, I could keep this little tidbit for next week, but it’s too cute not to share. Since we will be in Kansas for Easter, I was unsure about Easter baskets for the kiddos.  I gave up control on this one, which if you know me, is a BIG deal, and handed the responsibility over to Andrew.  And now we all say “awwwwww”, because there is nothing sweeter than a first time dad (even if he is a step dad, which I don’t really think of him as, because he’s their dad!) showing so much excitement over getting Easter baskets ready for his kids!  He has shopped at WalMart, the commissary and the Exchange buying all sorts of goodies for them, and new Easter baskets as well.  He loves it, is giddy when he talks about it, and it really shows his excitement of being a father.  I love seeing that, and it makes me appreciate and love him even more.



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