Getting Pretty is Hard

I’m just about ready to say “screw it” to the hair & beauty page on Pinterest, and all the sephora, birchbox and other random beauty crap.

It’s hard keeping up, yo!

I am coming to the realization that it’s just too much pressure on us women to look like that (perfection), all the freaking time.  I spent an HOUR this morning doing my hair and makeup, and all for what…a quick trip to the grocery store and volunteering at my kids’ school? Ok, well, I do have to go out later today, so it wasn’t all for naught, but I still felt like it was just too much.

I was so frustrated this morning because my hair was all frizzy and not cooperating with me, and my makeup wouldn’t set right. My mascara and eye lashes had a mind of their own this morning, and didn’t want to cooperate with each other, let alone myself.  One eye looked perfect, the other was all spidery leg like.  The perfect eye shadow combo I had envisioned in my mind, two of my favorite colors…MAC’s Girlie and Copperplate, didn’t blend well, and then my black liquid eyeliner crapped out on me. My eyebrows are in desperate need of a trim, and I have a huge zit on my cheek that came out of nowhere yesterday too! And to top it all off, my foundation made me look too pale and I don’t know how to contour well. I just threw on some blush and bronzer after that and hoped they would look ok.

Sometimes I just want to say fuck all this beauty stuff, there is too much pressure (online) to have all this crap, look a certain way and always have perfect makeup.  If I don’t know how to highlight and contour my face like a pro, who cares? If I don’t dye my hair all the time, who cares? For the record, i do dye it a few times a year, but I am lazy right now and have lots of grey growing in. Yep, I have earned many new grey hairs in the last 3.5 years.  I just walked out of the house thinking, oh well, I’ll just deal with it and who cares if it doesn’t work out today because there is always another day.

But then I took a picture for my husband (we send pictures to each other every day 🙂 ), and it turns out, it didn’t look all that bad after all, did it?

photo (80)



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