Top 5, or 10, or whatever

I thought I’d do this again like I did last week! 

1) Going To The Gym

Ok, I wanted to write about this earlier this week, but wanted to make sure I actually completed it.  I went to the gym FIVE DAYS IN A ROW!!!!!  Oh man, I was so proud of myself for completing this personal challenge! I do plan to try do it next week as well, but I’m not sure about Tuesday as I am volunteering in my daughter’s class, and that always screws up my time.  My youngest also has her well check too, so unless I go first thing that day, I won’t be able to get to the gym.  But I will still try, and if I get just 3-4 days, I’m still happy.  It makes me feel great too, and is a wonderful stress reliever.

2) My Opa

Tomorrow marks the 16th anniversary of my Opa’s death 😦 I still miss him to this day, and regret that my kids never got to know him.  He died of an aneurysm in his stomach when I was just 16 years old.

Opa was a very hard worker, and spent time in WWII, and then emigrated to Canada with my Oma in the early 50s.  They bought a farm, and he worked on it till a few years before he passed away.  He always smelled like the farm, or cow manure if you want to call that 🙂  But that was Opa’s smell, and the times that I’ve driven by the farm in years past, I’ve always smelled it, and it always makes me think of Opa.  And he always had droopjes…always. Sometimes Opa would take us grandkids to the local tractor shop where they often had free donuts on saturday mornings.  I always looked forward to that as a young child.  And boy did he love taking us all out to the buffet restaurants.

I miss you and love you Opa!!

3) Road Trippin’

The Mr. and I have been trying to figure out what we will be doing this summer as we drive to Kansas.  Do we take the “short” route and go through OR, ID, UT and CO? That wold seem the most logical way, right? We actually decided to go the “scenic” route instead! Two years ago the kids and I actually did a LONG road trip, and spread Barry’s ashes in UT, so that route seemed kind of counter productive to us as we’d already done it.  I won’t deny that I really want to go back to Yosemite though, and drive through Tioga pass into NV again…GORGEOUS!

Well, in late July, we will be doing this:

Here we come Yellowstone and Mt Rushmore!  We’re pretty stoked about this, and I can NOT wait to take some pretty bad ass photos!

The best part of all of this, really, is that we don’t have to take the pets.  You see, my wonderful mother in law has generously offered to pay for us to privately transport our two dogs and the cat.  How awesome is that? Thanks again Mom! 🙂

So we get to road trip in peace, without worrying about three extra animals and being cramped in my Honda pilot with Andrew, myself, four kids (one a 12-year-old boy who’s as big as his mom), two big dogs and a pissed off cat.  Yaaay!!!

(the pets will arrive in Kansas a day or two after us)

4) 40 Day De-Cluttering Challenge

This is going supremely well! Not much to write on this, but I’ve been doing this as I outlined here.  I haven’t followed it to a “T”, but do whatever day I feel like, rather than following what she outlined for each day.  I’ve completed 13 out of the 40 days, but I did do a few tasks every day rather than just one.

So far I have filled up three huge Rubbermaid bins, and two huge trash bags full of clothes, kitchen items, books, home decor, clothes and shoes.  I brought that to Goodwill yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon I went through more books, and kids’ clothes etc, and filled up a giant box of books/clothes/shoes, as well as a trash bag full of my son’s outgrown clothes. That’s sitting by the front door waiting to go to goodwill soon.

It feels amazing getting rid of all of this crap that we no longer need!

5) Birthdays

My baby will be 7 next week 😦

That pretty much sums it up.

Suddenly she doesn’t seem so little anymore, as if there is a huge jump from 6 to 7.


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