I need to get my ass to the gym, and de-clutter my house

Just a quick post (hopefully) before I peel myself out of my desk chair and trudge out in the rain to go to the gym.  I certainly need it, as I am cranky today! I haven’t been to the gym in well over a month because I have been so sick with an awful cough.  Coughing so hard you gag.  TMI?  Anyway, I want to get back into a gym routine, because I actually feel a lot better when I go, and I find it helps lift my mood.

Yesterday, as I was perusing pinterest, or one of those other mommy budget blogs that are all over the weekend, I happened to find THIS awesome article about de-cluttering your home in 40 days.  I thought this was a pretty cool way to start my de-cluttering journey, as we move in a few months, and I need to reduce reduce reduce. She also has THIS post on her blog, which is where I found the original file.

Today I’m supposed to start with the kitchen drawers, and find at least 10 items to get rid of. Well, right before Christmas, I already tossed/goodwilled about two huge rubbermaid bins of stuff from my kitchen.  But I’m sure I can find more!   I find I need structure like this, because over the weekend, I did want to start de-cluttering, I just didn’t know how or where to start.

Do you have any good ideas for de-cluttering before a big move? How do you reduce the amount of items/crap your family has?



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