No, I’m not talking about the frightening Broadway musical, so just sit down and relax.  Nor will I post any nightmare inducing photos from “Cats” that I happened to find on google images.  Note to self…take a sleeping pill tonight.

What I am talking about is traveling or road tripping with cats.  I’ve been pondering how to prepare our cat Hades for the long road trip from Washington state, across Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, down through South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, and then to our new home in Kansas.  (Side note, we’re taking the long way so we can see Old Faithful and Mt Rushmore with the kids, and to see my brother and sister-in-law, and their kids too).

I know you do not do it like this:

cat1 cat2 cat3cat5

Hades and his brother Zeus have never ever liked car rides.  They grace our ears with the musical symphony of cats in trouble, cats very displeased, cats being tortured, and cats saying “FUCK YOU FOR PUTTING ME IN THIS CAR”.  It’s quite amusing to be honest, and we get some good laughs out of it.  In fact, last November when my husband and I brought the pets to the kennel before our 10 day trip to California, we actually played “jingle cats” in the car to get them to shut up, and it worked fairly well.  Or maybe we heard them singing along too? It wouldn’t surprise me.

Unfortunately Zeusy won’t be making the trip with us to Kansas 😦 We are only allowed three pets in on base housing, and living off post would have cost us roughly 10K out-of-pocket over three years.  That includes gas, utilities etc, just for living in another house to keep our cat.  So it was a very difficult decision for me to make, but my beloved Zeusy will be going to live with his Aunty, my sister, for the duration we are not in WA state anymore. She has promised us we will get him back when we return. (And you can bet we WILL facetime him, and get pictures often).

So that leaves me with one cat to “contain” while we are driving halfway across the country.  The vet will give us sedatives, which will be a huge help I know.  But we’re fitting 6 people, two dogs and a cat into my 2011 Honda Pilot.  Plus we’ll tow a trailer behind. We will be cramped.  How will we fit a litter box in there? I’m thinking under my youngest daughter’s feet.  Do we keep a kennel for him? What about a collar/leash?

Have you road tripped with a cat before? How did you manage to keep him contained/sane/entertained/not scared for his life and yourself sane at the same time?



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