Turn Back, And a Lack of Civilization.

I just got back, albeit very early, this morning from a wonderful four-day trip to Kansas to visit my man.  Four days was certainly not enough, and our goodbye about 23.5 hours ago was filled with quite a few tears.  This picture was taken on my first full day there, and we were watching the sunset over a lake.  The sunsets in Kansas are breathtaking, and you can see for miles upon miles.


We had a wonderful time though, and had some fun adventures.  I was given the grand tour of the base, got to explore the surrounding areas, and ate a lot of great food.  My wonderful husband treated me to a day in Kansas city, and we explored the Kansas City Zoo, and tried to go to The Melting Pot, but did not make any reservations, so they were pretty booked up.  We decided to drive back, and landed up eating at Famous Daves, where I decided I would like to feast on the  boneless wings for the rest of my life.  I could be perfectly happy eating those every single day.

Besides spending four glorious days with my husband, the highlight of our little getaway had to be Sunday, when we went to the Oz Museum in Wamego, KS.  Since I was a young girl, I have watched The Wizard of Oz countless times, and own both movies on blu ray, and even have little trinkets, and the books.  It is hands down, my all time favorite movie, so the museum was a huge hit for me.  If you ever get a chance, check out the Oz Museum.

After our little jaunt to the museum, we wandered down the barren streets of Wamego, to find the Oz Winery open.  Curious, we walked in and were surprised such a neat place existed in this town.  We absolutely loved it, and actually had a mini wine tasting while we were there.  We took home a bottle of “Turn Back”, and a limited edition bottle of “The Cowardly Lion”.  Since Sunday was my last night in Kansas, we enjoyed the Turn Back with our dinner, and will save The Cowardly Lion for a special anniversary.  Turn Back is probably our most favorite wine that we have ever tasted, and for only $25, it was a steal. It really was that good, nice and smooth, sweet but not too sweet, and a perfect dinner wine. For a couple who doesn’t drink too much, we were really surprised we enjoyed it so much.  Andrew and I decided we will definitely be going back there for a date, and another wine tasting.

Now I’m home, and back to normal again.  Life doesn’t stop, even when you’re on vacation, and I have a ton of stuff to do in the next few weeks.  We have several basketball tournaments, doctors appointments, a couple luncheons for myself, and then…

Andrew will be home Feb 15th for two days!

Yeah, not long enough, but we’re surprising the kids with an overnighter to Great Wolf Lodge, and then he will be back to Kansas on the 18th.  Our hope is that the children and I will fly to Kansas to spend spring break with him, but that is still in the planning stages. We’ll probably only do a couple more visits, our last being Memorial Day weekend, before our big move.  I had a hard time waking up this morning without him, thinking it was just hours before that I was in Kansas.  To be honest, I’d much rather be there right now, but I have to keep telling myself “six and a half more months, you can do this Joanna…you can do it”.  The last two went by fast, so I am sure the next 6.5 will as well.

As flat and dry as Kansas is, it really isn’t all that bad, and I am looking forward to moving there.  Yes, we will miss Washington state, and it will always be home to us, but we will make the most out of our time in KS and be together as a family.  Besides, being so far away from civilization, and stores like Gymboree, Sephora, Old Navy etc, might help curtail my spending a bit…

Just kidding, didn’t you ever hear of the internet and UPS?


2 thoughts on “Turn Back, And a Lack of Civilization.

  1. It’s neat to hear about your adventure and the joy you are finding in Kansas, your soon to be home. Before you know it, 6.5 months will be gone and you will be there. I hope the transition goes well for you!

    • Thanks Brenda! I’m sure it will go by fast, I have a lot to occupy me with moving and packing up the house, and getting rid of as much crap as possible. 🙂 I’m sure we will do just fine, and I am looking forward to living with my husband and doing a normal day to day life again, no matter where our address might be.

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