Writing Wedding Vows…

In 11 days I’m getting married…11 days!

It’s suddenly hit me and I’m like…wow, holy crap! I can’t believe it’s so soon.  Even though this is just our legal wedding, and we aren’t doing anything big, we’re still planning on writing our own vows.  For the actual wedding next year, we will do so again.

I haven’t the foggiest idea on how to write wedding vows, even though normally I am very expressive with my emotions, and Andy knows exactly how I feel. But when it comes to writing something like my wedding vows, I go blank and teary eyed all at the same time.Those words are filled with such emotion, and such love, that I wouldn’t have the slightest idea in how to express myself.

I think subconsciously I have been delaying this “task” (it’s not really a task!) due to the fact that I’m a little scared I wont say the right thing, or I’ll cry.  Maybe I should take his suggestion and wing it? I found this article on A Practical Wedding detailing how to write your own wedding vows, and I will for sure be checking it out.

Did you write your own wedding vows? Do you have any tips for me? While I’m waiting for inspiration, I’ll be breaking in my 4″ purple heels.  Owww.  Oh, any tips on how to break in my shoes?


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