Just Jump In…

I have had my wedding dress for just over a month.  When I purchased it, I said to myself…”Ok Joanna, it’s time now, time to stop making excuses, time to take accountability for your diet.”

I still haven’t.  Until this morning that is!

I don’t know why, but I have this weird mentality that I must eat all my favorite foods in preparation for this because I know I wont be eating them for quite some time. I know it will be a daily battle for me, as I have a love affair with food.  So my weekend was filled with chocolate, and pizza, and Maui onion chips, and I snuck in a Wendy’s chicken sandwich in there two days ago as well, as well as a couple milky way bars and some french fries.

I’m telling you this so I can basically make myself accountable.  I don’t want to write down all the crap that I eat, it’s flipping embarrassing! But the truth of the matter is, I have lost one month of weight loss and better eating habits, when I could have been much further down the road had I not been lazy.  I’m meeting my in-laws in a month, I have a wedding dress that I want altered smaller for next July, and our first wedding is in 2.5 weeks.  Plus, my soon to be husband is leaving in 1.5 months and I wont see him for about 6 weeks after that, so I want to look like an even hotter piece of ass when I get off the plane in Kansas City. Hey, us newlyweds will have to make up for lost time! hehe

I hate watching what I eat, it upsets me to be honest.  I want to be able to eat good delicious junk food, but I can’t anymore…or at least all the time.  So that means today I am starting again…a modified version of the Fat Smash Diet.  I hesitate to call it a diet, but that is the official name of it.  I have done it before with success, and I really want to stick with it.  But I won’t be doing it as extreme as the book calls for, and yes, I still will be enjoying that pot roast I’m making for dinner tomorrow night, and me and the Mr.’s one year anniversary dinner on Sunday as well.  I’ll still enjoy yummy food when we’re in California, and then for Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  But I just have to be more mindful of what I put into my mouth.  The good thing about the fat smash diet is that I lose weight easily on it if I stick to the program, and I want to drop a few pounds before our wedding this month anyway, just to make me feel better in my cocktail dress.  I know the Mr loves me for who I am, and proposed to ME, but I want to be a better version of me.

My advice for myself is…Just Jump In.  I’m not going to get anywhere if I don’t do that, I will keep making excuses.


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