Candycorn Cupcakes and Monsters

Being that it was my daughter’s 10th birthday yesterday, and her party was last Friday, I was baking up a storm a couple days before that.  I go all out with cupcakes usually, as they’re “my thing”.  I found my inspiration for this round on Pinterest, of course!



The cupcakes were super easy, but the cake did give me some grief.  With a cake like this, and being that it is 3 layers tall, I should have kept popping it in the fridge every 10 minutes or so to harden up during “string” applications.  A few times, the frosting just fell off, and I had to put it back in the fridge.  No worries though, as a cool down was just what it needed, and cemented the frosting even more.  The above photos are mine.

I’ve been thinking about starting a cupcake business, but it seems that everyone I know would rather bake their own.  Just a little discouraging, but hopefully I will get some more clients.  In the mean time, if you know me personally, or through twitter, facebook etc, and love my cupcakes, I’d love to bake them for you for your kids’ birthday parties.  Look at how amazing that frosting looks! I’m a total perfectionist, so you can see that I’ve put a lot of work into them.  If the swirl is not perfect, I start over.  I know my kids and fiance don’t really care, but I sure do.  I want those cupcakes to look like works of art 🙂


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