Dear Parents…

Andrew and I barely survived my daughter’s 10th Birthday Sleepover this past weekend. For the first time in history, ALL the girls RSVPd yes.  We had 7 girls sleepover, plus one that did not, and our own four kids.  Never again will I do such a huge sleepover. We had issues with some of the girls, so here is an open letter to parents from another parent’s perspective:

Dear Parents,

While I understand that you want your daughter to come to a sleepover party, there are certain boundaries you need to teach them to observe.  You need to teach them manners, and appropriate behavior that is to be applied when they are outside the confines of their own home.

First of all, it is entirely rude to not RSVP for a party until the night before, at the time of 7PM and ask if your daughter can come to the party.  I’ll say yes, but I really didn’t want to. There is an RSVP date for a reason, so that I, as the party host, can prepare properly.

Secondly, it is even more rude to drop your daughter off at 4pm when the party starts at 6PM.

Thirdly, if you come to a birthday party, bring a present for the birthday kid.  I’m not trying to teach my daughter to be a greedy child, but it puts your child in an awkward position when all the other kids bring one and yours does not.  They look silly if they don’t bring something for the birthday child.  It is a birthday party, and you bring presents to a party.

Fourth, teach your child that it is absolutely, 100% NOT OK, and completely rude, inappropriate and plain out HORRIFIC to slap the dad’s ass.  It is even more disgusting that your daughter came up to my fiance while he was sitting in a chair and did a booty shake in front of him.  I understand she was probably trying to be silly, but still…NOT OK.Disgusting actually.  What do you teach your children?

Fifth, teach your kids to be polite and say thank you for everything.  Teach them that it is NOT ok to rifle through the mother’s possessions in the bathroom.  Teach them that it is NOT ok to lock themselves in the bathroom because they are in a bad mood.

That is all.


One very disgruntled Mother.


P.S.  The above actions were done by two children.  Two.  Shame on their parents.


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