Man Fakes His Own Death….

To Propose?

What an idiot!

I found this article on twitter today, Man Fakes His Own Death To Propose, and before I even read it, I was enraged at his stupidity.

Death is not something to make fun of.  Ok, granted I have made MANY jokes about death and have this awful widow humor that shocks even my friends sometimes, but I’ve been there.  I know the depths of despair that comes from losing a loved one, from watching him die in my arms, and oftentimes joking about it is the only way to get relief from the heartache.  Us widows have a dark side that rears it’s ugly comedic head sometimes.

But to fake your own death, and especially to go to the lengths this man did by hiring a director, stunt men and even makeup artists, well I think he deserves a swift kick to the head.  Just read this quote from the website,

Then when I saw Alexy covered in blood lying in the road a paramedic told me he was dead and I just broke down in tears.”.

Reading those words brings me back to the moment when Barry died.  The feeling of my heart being ripped out of my chest, the adrenaline that flushed through my body faster than the speed of sound, the gut wrenching emptiness that I felt. Despair. I can only imagine what this woman felt when she saw her boyfriend lying “dead” on the road.  I don’t know that I could ever marry a man who did that to me, and I sure hope she knows what she is getting into.

Death is not a joke people.  Until you have experienced it yourself first hand, then stay out of it.  Sooner than you realize, the tragedy will hit you head on, and you will be knocked to your feet with waves of grief washing over you.


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