The Great Name Debate

I’m changing my name when Andrew and I get married.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was one that I decided on fairly fast.  I’m marrying Andrew, and being his wife, I will take his name.  It’s what’s right for me, for us.  I really don’t want to have a different name than my husband to be honest.

However, I am struggling with having a different last name than mine and Barry’s kids though.  It feels weird, almost a betrayal of sorts to the life I once had.  Does that make sense?  I’ve had my current last name since 1999…for 13 years now.  It feels foreign to start over with a new name, a new signature (that I am still trying to perfect/work on) and still be the same person.

I’ve had three different options to go with:

Joanna CurrentMiddleName LastName

Joanna CurrentMiddleName LastName NewLastName

Joanna LastName NewLastName

Can you guess which choice I went with?  That would be #3.  I’m giving up the middle name my parents gave me when I was born, and going with Joanna, and then taking my current last name (Barry’s last name and my kids’ last name) as my middle name, and then Andrew’s last name as my new last name.  I still want to have my current last name as it is my past, it is my children, it is Barry.  I don’t  feel the need to erase that.  But I will be known publicly as “Mrs Joanna NewLastName”.  My official documents will all have my current last name in them though.

Besides, Joanna MiddleName LastName NewLastName is just too much to write and have on official documents.


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