Chaos Ensues with Back To School

Hey…that almost rhymes!

Yesterday was my four spawn’s first day back to school since mid June.  I can assure you that all parents I know were counting down the hours till those buses came and picked up the kids and drove off into the wild green yonder….

It turns out that I’m not so productive after taking a couple of months off.  Pretty damn bad about it actually.  My sloth like summer days have changed into a regimented morning schedule, and then trying to figure out how to do all I need to do before 2:45.  My alarm goes off at 6:30AM, and then I get the kiddos up, and try to take the one dog for a half hour walk.  Then I have to shower, and get dressed, and do my hair and fix my face, and then by the time I actually get “ready”, it’s close to 10AM.  I do not like that at all.  I want to be out the door and ready shortly after the kids leave!  I have to somehow figure out a way to work my schedule so that I am ready to run errands as early as possible.  But I can’t take the dog for a walk at 6am! Especially not if the kids are sleeping either.  Maybe the trick is to get ready to go and then take the dog for a walk when I get back, if I am running errands. Do it backwards I guess.

Yesterday I didn’t get out of the house till 11AM.  Ok, I WAS being slow, I will admit that, but I had the best of intentions.  My back was feeling a little off, but I ignored it and went to Costco like I had planned.  On the way there, I kept getting back twinges, but I was determined to get to Costco and finish running my errands.

Let this be a lesson to you…do not ignore back twinges.  Do not, Do Not, Do NOT! In the middle of Costco with a half filled cart, my upper back seized up.  It was so painful that I started to sweat.  I had no pain meds with me, so I hauled ass over the Costco pharmacy, found a bottle of extra strength acetaminophen and downed that sucker with some water. I wanted to take more!  When my back gets sore, it gets so tight sometimes that I feel like I am going to throw up.  I was trying so hard to get through the Costco trip, but my back was just in agony.

I reached my right arm up behind me to rub the sore area, and my bra snapped.  The damn strap broke, so the cup was falling off of me!  I thought…maybe I can keep going, I can still try to finish my shopping, right? Then I looked down and saw lopsided boobies. No bueno.  I didn’t want to bother with a bra, so I ran to the bathroom and took it off.  Yep, I was bra less in Costco.  Thankfully I had a cardigan on over my tank top, or the men there would have got a great show, and Andrew would have been none to happy about that. My bra was stuffed in my purse waiting to be thrown in the trash when I got home.

I kept trying to shop, but I hated being without a bra, so I gave up and came home.  Karma, or whatever you want to call it, sure bit me in the ass yesterday. A sore back  AND a broken bra?  Oh, and then the school sent my kids home on the wrong bus.  Don’t worry, I eventually got them back.

The moral of the story is, none.  I went back to Costco today and finished my shopping.


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