Verizon’s New “Bleed You Dry” Plan

Is anyone else as cheesed as I am about these new plans?

I’ve been a Verizon customer for almost three years now, and while they are one of the most expensive carriers, I have been very pleased with them and don’t want to switch if I can help it.  I started off with a Blackberry Tour in Aug 2009, and then last year, upgraded to the iPhone 4 in May.  Of course, this was all back when unlimited data was the norm, and it only cost $30 per month.

I’ve been able to keep that plan, as I was grandfathered in, but it looks like I’m not about to be anymore.  Under Verizon’s new plan, if you upgrade your phone, or purchase a new one, you have to “upgrade” to the new “Bleed You Dry Plan”.  With two almost 12 year olds in this house getting phones for Christmas, plus another smart phone being added in a few months (the Mr and I will be looking into sharing a plan, or something along those lines), the data and texting, and minutes used now will become higher.  I currently pay only $107 per month for my current plan, which includes 450 minutes, unlimited data and texting for an iPhone 4.  I don’t need a lot of minutes, as the Mr. and I have mobile to mobile.

If we are to add the twins’ basic phones, that will cost an additional $30 each, plus $40 each for mine and the Mr.’s smart phones, plus data, plus tax, plus insurance etc etc. The plan I looked at cost over $200 for all four of us with very limited data.  In the end, we’d probably be looking at about $250, if not more. Now, thankfully we DO use WiFi at the house, so that really  helps alleviate a large portion of the cost, but we need data and minutes while we’re out and about, and while he is at work.  I can also choose to not upgrade my phone next year, and keep this plan I have now, but that also means not getting the twins their phones or adding the Mr. to my plan.  I DID want to upgrade to the iPhone 5 next year, as the camera on the 4 really stinks.

This definitely requires further research, and I need to find the best bang  for my buck.  Pay-as-you-go is an option for the twins, but with the amount of texting I know they will do, I’m not so sure it’s a great idea.  We could also just scrap the whole idea of them getting phones, but with the two of them entering middle school in a year, they will need a phone to contact either of us grownups at extra-curricular activities etc.  On a side note, isn’t it funny how times have changed? When I was their age, I was able to use a pay phone for a quarter, or ask the secretary at the office if I could call my parents.  That doesn’t happen so much anymore.  I think payphones are almost a thing of the past, and can’t recall the last time I saw one.

Who is your carrier, and why do you like them?


8 thoughts on “Verizon’s New “Bleed You Dry” Plan

  1. I just switched from Verizon to Straight Talk and so far I’m really happy with it. I had held off on getting a smart phone just because I didn’t want to pay extra for data. With Straight Talk I get unlimited minutes, texts, and data for $45 a month. My phone uses the verizon network so I see no difference in coverage. Different phones use different networks though, so that’s worth looking into. Worth a look, even with 4 of you on it (4 x $45 = $180), it would still probably save money.

  2. My carrier is TracFone. By the time my kids are all in middle school they will be the only ones without phones, so if they need to reach me for a ride they can use one of their friends’ phones or the school receptionist’s phone. We might consider one of those limited-use cell phones where we’re (parents) + 1 other number are the only numbers they can dial in case of an emergency, and that also has a GPS tracking device. I’m not a fan of my kids texting/sexting/etc. with friends/acquaintances and while in vehicles, I’ve seen too many kids get into trouble w/the unsupervised internet accessibility. When my kids can hold a job and pay for their own monthly phone plan, then they’re welcome to do so. I’m certainly in the minority, however. 🙂

    • You make some great points. I have thought about doing just one phone for the two of them right now, and that is something I will strongly consider. However, we are most likely going to be moving out of state next year, so I promised the kids a way to keep in touch with their friends. And my kids would NOT get a smart phone, just a basic one that only has texting on it.

  3. I use verizon, only because Rick is on them for his work phone, so it made sense for us to be on the same carrier. Joy wants to get a phone, but she has to pay the monthly bill… we were just talking about that today, but haven’t looked into plans yet.

    I did see two pay phones at the rest stop in Grass Valley, CA about two weeks ago. Made a special effort to point them out to the kids. 😉

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