An Unexpected Turn

You know how when one thing goes wrong, everything else seems to?

Yeah, that’s been my week, sort of.

My oldest daughter is finally feeling better, but is still lethargic and tired.  I do suspect that will take some time to get over though, the flu is a pretty big deal.  I’m really happy to see her improving, and especially somewhat in time for Mother’s Day, as we were able to go and have a fantastic time at the river.

I woke up last sunday with Mr eHarmony, but instead of being treated with a luxurious mother’s day snuggle, he rushed downstairs to “help the kids”.  I was instructed to stay upstairs and not leave the bedroom, so I watched a bit of HBO GO on my iPhone, lounged around and got super bored.  I got up at one point and thought I smelled bacon, but I must have been wrong because I couldn’t smell anything after that.

But then the fire alarm went off.  And upstairs wafted the scent of delicious, crispy, flavorful bacon.  It smelled glorious.  I love bacon.  But it has to be crispy, well cooked bacon, and not floppy soft bacon.  You can’t call it bacon if it doesn’t crisp.  You wouldn’t put flaccid bacon on a burger, right? Crispy Bacon is where it’s at.

I scrambled back into bed, and no sooner did I do that, then the door opened and in walked all four kids and Mr eHarmony carrying a tray of breakfast.  I was handed four gift bags as well, and was really spoiled by the kids.  Thanks so much to my dearest friend Rebecca for taking them shopping for me 🙂  The kids really spoiled me!  This is what I got to eat for breakfast…

After that we spent the day at a river, and had a picnic and a wonderful time.  The day was capped off by enjoying some delicious ice cream at a cute little candy shop in Snoqualmie.

Then began the chaos that has been my week.  Today was the worst though.  I had to volunteer at my kids’ school, and got home at 9:30 AM after helping out in one of the kindergarten classes.  Not a half hour later, I received a phone call from my 11-year-old son saying he was sick.

Oh no.  Not again.

Yes, again.

As soon as we got home, I was giving him his tamilflu, and he projectile vomited all over the kitchen floor.  It was like a fountain of puke spewed out of his mouth onto the floor.  YUCK.

Off to Target I went to get ginger ale, powerade and crackers.  I had to hurry home though, because I had someone coming at 1PM to do an estimate for some fence repairs.  My fence panels have been separating for some odd reason, and I thought the fence was poorly made.  Not the case actually, you know what the problem is?

The retaining wall is sinking along the whole back lot where my house is located.

Sinking.  And pulling my fence with it.

I think my heart sank when the contractor told me that.  I’m pretty much just ready to throw my hands up in the air and pull out  my hair and gnash my teeth.

As soon as the contractor left, I put in a phone call to the builder and left him a voice mail, and I will also talk to my neighbor across the street who works for the builder.  I do NOT believe I am responsible for this repair, as it is the whole retaining wall, and not just my house.  It’s because of all the rain we get here.  The cement blocks are actually slanted down away from my backyard, and not straight as they are supposed to be. ARRRGGGGHHHH.

I really do wonder sometimes why something can’t go my way, and why I have to deal with  such major stuff all the time.  When do I get a break? Sometimes I wish I had never bought a house, and just kept on renting.

It seems to never end here.  Ever.


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