My First “Real” Hike

This past weekend, Mr eHarmony and I went on my first real hike of the year.  My first real hike ever.  Ever since we started dating, I have known this was going to be coming, as he had mentioned from the beginning he loved hiking and being outside.  What did I get myself into? Me, an outdoorsy person? Hell no!  But I did it, and I went and spent a cool $180 on Hiking boots, socks and good insoles.  I did wear them last time we went hiking, but this is the first real hike they were on, and they definitely earned their keep as they are covered in mud.  Yep, that’s pretty damn expensive, but I need good boots and they will last me forever.  They’re Keen boots, they have to!

Our hike this time was at Little Si in North Bend, WA.  The trail is 2.2 miles up, and 2.2 miles down.  The first 1/4 of the hike is all uphill, and I was told that the look on my face was pure dread.  It HURT.  Oh it was so hard.  I hate hills with a passion.  It then levels out for quite a while, and you get to enjoy a beautiful walk in the forest.  I really loved this part.  And then…the pain.  The pain begins.

Now, I’m not in shape.  I’m chubby, very curvy, and need to lose a good 70lbs.  I can’t imagine that it would have even been possible for me to do this hike 3 years ago, I was way too overweight then. I knew it was going to hurt like a bitch, and I’d be huffing and puffing. I was really nervous to do this, and Mr eHarmony kept asking me if I really wanted to do it. Yeah, I was so scared, but I wouldn’t let him down.  I wouldn’t let ME down.  I kept plugging away at it, and was dripping with sweat.  Who knew cleavage could sweat so much!

At one point, after the halfway point, I was really in pain and exhausted.  I had to take frequent breaks, as any first time hiker would, and felt like I was going to throw up at one point.  My thighs were burning.  I did have to step up on rocks that were a good 18-24″ tall. We kept hearing “You’re almost there” from other hikers, and then finally we reached the summit.  It was beautiful up there!  It really is only 1200 ft elevation, but it feels like so much more with all the rocks and uphill business.

But just to show you how in shape I actually am, as soon as I sat down and we started eating our lunch, I recovered immediately.  My breathing slowed, my heart rate went down, and I was relaxed.  In fact, I wasn’t even sore, just tired.  The only pain I had on the way back was achy knees from going downhill the whole time (I was not alone in this, Mr eHarmony had sore knees too.  It comes from all the rocks you’re scrambling over too).  I have actually had no pain at all from that, just tiredness.

Sitting at the top with Mr eHarmony, taking in the view, and hearing him tell me how proud he was, made me burst with happiness.  I loved it, every single little bit. And I want to do it again. And again. And again. (remind me of this when I’m in pain from the next hike).

I am so proud of myself for completing it, even though it was one of the most physically challenging things I have ever done.  I knew I could do it!  This is a great hike for a beginner.  Next up for us is Rattlesnake Ridge

Have you ever done something like this that really challenged you physically? Or what have you done that you are so proud of and never thought you would be able to do before?


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