Bountiful Baskets

Last year some time, I heard about this food co-op called Bountiful Baskets from a friend of mine, and was slightly intrigued.  “Lots of food for cheap? perhaps I’ll check it out.” Each week you can get one to three baskets of fruit, and veggies, and usually they have add-ons like breads, tortillas, different fruit baskets, or a Mexican themed food basket too.  This week though, I missed out on the extra baskets because I ordered too late, but I just got the basic fruit and veggie baskets.  I’ve been thinking that because I need to save money, why not start doing this again?  It fulfills most of our produce needs for the week and it saves me money too.

Check out Bountiful Baskets and tell me what you think!

Here’s what I got this week:


2lbs green string beans

1 bag of apples

5 large tomatoes

1 large bunch of bananas

6 bunches of broccoli

1 head of colorful cauliflower (i might try make mashed cauliflower with this one, I’ve always wanted to try)

1lb of strawberries

2 mangoes

1 small watermelon

1 pineapple

How awesome is that? and only for $15! I’m going to try do next week if I can, Mr eHarmony and I are going hiking again, but if I get up early enough, then I will be able to pick it up.  It certainly does help with my grocery budget!

Here’s the link again if you are interested, Bountiful Baskets New Participant Instructions

So, how can tell me how to cook beets? I’m lost. I need ideas!


2 thoughts on “Bountiful Baskets

  1. We’re growing beets this year and I’m sort of lost on them too. I know you can pickle ’em (my Mom LOVES them that way, they’re a side dish then), and the greens are edible, too. Here’s some links (Simply Recipes is SUCH a good site):

    Just remember that yer pee might be a little pink or even red and beets are SUPER staining so be careful when you slice ’em open.

    • Oh, as soon as I told the girls that it would make their pee pink, they were so excited haha. I might cook them in the oven and then keep them cold in the fridge to add to my smoothies this week too, gives it an amazing red color I’ve heard.

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