Stuff About Skin Care, Makeup, Blah Blah Blah…

I’ve become a total beauty junkie since my husband died.

I guess with losing a huge amount of weight, that equals to a small child, you’re bound to feel pretty damn awesome (Even thought I still want to lose 3 pants sizes).  I wanted to feel pretty, and beautiful, and I went after that with gusto.

I regularly watch beauty/makeup reviews etc on YouTube, or read a few blogs here and there.  And through the grapevine, I heard about Beauty Army and Birch Box through another blog or you tube video.  I’ve always wanted to try a subscription beauty service, and this is my first one, so I am pretty excited about it.  I have not yet received my box yet, and I will get it in the next week or so I think, but I really like it so far.  It only costs $12/month and you get six deluxe sized samples of products YOU pick from a selection of 9.  This month I’ll be getting 5 different skin care products, and one foundation product.  I don’t mind though, because skin care is a concern of mine too.  Once I get the box, I will definitely review it and post here for you ladies (and men) to see. If you are interested in joining, click here and sign up.  They do have a waiting list I think, but I only had to wait a couple of weeks.

I’m also a member of Birch Box, and I haven’t received my box from them yet either, but click here if you want to join.  The April box looked pretty awesome, and I am eagerly awaiting my may box.  I won’t get that for a few weeks though, but I will definitely review that one as well.  Birch Box only costs $10 a month.  What I really like about both of these services is that you can skip a month if you don’t like what they’re offering.  That’s really important to me as I need the flexibility they are offering.  I don’t want to pay for items I can’t or won’t use.

Through the grapevine, I also heard about this magical wonderful product called Aztec Healing Clay.  Yeah, I have problem skin for sure. It’s sensitive, gets red easily, I easily break out and I have combination skin.  Apparently this clay is good for all of that, and draws the impurities out of your skin.  So I tried it….dun dun dun….

Ok, I did have a photo, but it turned out terribly.  If you want a mask that purges your pores, then get this mask.  Seriously.  It’s that amazing.  Make sure you mix it with apple cider vinegar as the back of the package says, it helps the clay mix to a smooth consistency.  I could literally feel my skin pulsating as it dried, and when I had it all off my skin, I noticed it pulled up blackheads!  But be careful taking this off…it dries really really hard.  What you’re going to want to do is hold a warm wash cloth over top of the mask to loosen the bits.  I could feel it cracking.  It was rock hard.  My skin was lobster red afterwards, but this is totally normal after using the mask.  What I noticed this morning was much smoother skin, and some of my blemishes that I had yesterday were practically gone.  AMAZING!  Do NOT forget moisturizer after you use this.


P.S….while I was writing this I got notification that my Beauty Army box shipped! Yaay!


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