100 Things About Me, Part 2.

Last week I left off with #25, so here’s to #s 26-50

#26 As I type this, I am reminding myself how stupid it was to get another dog two years ago.  She is a yappy little turd,but not a tiny dog.  She’s a 60lb yellow lab that barks like a little yappy mutt! She drives me crazy.

#27 I swore I never needed a smart phone, but once I got a blackberry almost three years ago, all bets were off.  Now I have an iPhone 4, and I love it!

#28 I change my nail polish about twice a week.  I have to use up all those bottles of OPI you know! I have about 60. Yep.  60.  Way too many.

#29 I have lived in three different countries: Canada, Germany and USA.

#30 Never once have I voted in an election.

#31 My kitchen has a built-in wine rack that gets dusty because I never use it, I’m no Wino! haha.  For real, I don’t care for the taste of alcohol, so a drink is very rare for me.

#32 I’ve never smoked a cigarette, ever.

#33 In regards to #31….I’ve been drunk maybe 5-6 times in my entire life. See? Told you I didn’t like the taste of alcohol very much!

#34 My current chocolate weakness is Salted Caramel Macadamia Nut Clusters from Costco.  I’m also partial to Coffee Crisps from the Great White North.

#35 After this past weekend, I have really discovered a love of hiking.  Ask me if I feel the same way in a month when we do a very difficult hike.

#36 I wish I had curly hair, but mine is stick straight.

#37 My sister is visiting this week, and while I said in #33 that I don’t like the taste of alcohol too much, I’ll be having a lemon drop tonight and I’ve been looking forward to that for a month.

#38 I’ve lost about 15lbs so far in the last month

#39 I’ve taken way too long to write this, and I am totally procrastinating. I started this two weeks ago! Fail Joanna, FAIL!

#40 I now have gained a bit of that weight back, about 3lbs, but I also ate like shit while my sister was here and didn’t exercise as much.  I’m back on the wagon now.

#41 I ate two Cadbury creme eggs today.  Oops.  Don’t worry, they’re all gone now.  And just forget what I wrote because of the post above.  I really am back on the wagon…I just had a weak moment in Rite Aid this morning and bought a couple.

#42 I have two cats.  Have I mentioned this already? I can’t remember.  Perhaps it’s a sign I’m turning into the crazy cat lady.  Anyway, yeah…two cats.  Zeus and Hades.  Yes, they are named after the greek gods.  Zeusy is a silver tabby Maine Coon with a crooked tail, and Hades is your run of the mill, black sleeky short-haired house cat.  They’re both 5, and they were my 27th birthday present.

#43 I wish I wasn’t so hard on myself with my weight loss, and didn’t beat myself up so often about it.

#44 On the other hand, I wish I tried harder sometimes and didn’t have a problem with junk food.  Damn you sugar addiction!

#45 One sound that drives me nuts is when my black lab Braddock (he’ll be 9 next month!) shakes his head, and his collar and tags shake and make an awful metallic noise.  It always wakes me from my beauty sleep on the couch.

#46 I started hiking with my man, and I really like it.  Except for the fact that it makes my feet hurt like a bitch. I did just spend a small fortune on good Keen hiking boots last week, so I am hoping they do well by me this next Sunday when we go again.  And I realize I did write about hiking already, so let this fact be about my hiking boots that I bought. Keen is expensive! But they feel awesome.

#47 Another sound that drives me nuts? When my kids come barging in the door after a day at school.  My peace is now gone. And for the next 5.5-6 hours I will have only noise.  Yes, I do love the little monsters.

#48 I didn’t go to my 10 year high school reunion because I was too embarrassed about my weight.

#49 I suit short hair.  Not pixie cut short, but mid neck a-line bob short.  I want to grow it out, but I can’t make up my mind.

#50 I am wondering what I was thinking when I committed to 100 things about me.  This is harder than I thought it would be.


One thought on “100 Things About Me, Part 2.

  1. Love this and look forward to the next 50. Have to say that #48 makes me sad, you are a gorgeous woman and should never be embarrassed. Have a great weekend.


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