Six Months and Two Days Later…

And I’m still very much in love with the man whom I showed this video to on our first date:

(does anyone else find it bizarre that that Japanese girls are wearing a top that says Fraulein?)

I remember walking along with Mr eHarmony at the wildlife refuge, and showing him this video on my iPhone and watching his face crumple up in a huge smile, his eyes twinkle and his body erupt with laughter.  I watched him intensely, laughing along with him, and looking back on it now, I think I think I may have fallen in love with him at that very moment. Our date was going really well before that, but seeing him react like that, even though he’d seen it before, was so incredibly awesome.  I told a friend of mine about a couple of weeks later….”Oh crap Tracy, I think I’m falling in love with him”.  And I was.  And I did.  And I am.

We went on our 6 month anniversary date this past weekend.  Hard to believe it’s been only 6 months, as it feels like we just met.  And it feels like we’ve been together forever. How could you not fall in love with this face?

(ignore my puffy face…not a great angle, and hey…I’m a woman, I retain water sometimes.)

Mr eHarmony and I spent our time in Seattle. Big surprise, eh? Seems we always go there.  He wants to get the “big touristy” things done before he, I mean WE hehe, eventually PCS (Army terms), so we’ve done most of the major tourist traps here in the Seattle area.  For this past Saturday, our date included the Underground Tour, a walk by the ferry terminal, and then dinner at the Space Needle.  The tour was great, a little campy, but I loved learning about the history of Seattle.  Definitely fun! But be prepared for a lot of walking, and wear comfy shoes.

I’ve eaten at the Space Needle before, 7 years ago, and I hated it.  But this time, the food was orgasm-inducing amazing. Wow. And you certainly do pay for it! For a special occasion, I definitely recommend going there if your budget allows it.  My favorite item of the whole night was our appy….Rustic Flat bread.  This is what their menu says:

Caramelized Walla Walla onions, Salumi’s Guanciale, Butternut squash, grilled apple, sage, Rosecrest Mountain Swiss

It’s really that good.  I’d go there just for that again.

The night was perfect so far, but we did have a little snafu and learned a couple things about each other. But I’ll get to that later.

The other highlight of our night was going to a famed park in Seattle, and taking photos of Seattle at night.  I did not plan accordingly, and conveniently did not think to take my tri-pod. While we were walking up to the park, I saw a guy using his tri-pod and remarked to Mr eharmony that I wish I had thought about that.  Well, this awesome tourist dude from San Francisco, started chatting with us and let me use his tri-pod.  Yes, he actually let me use it, and I couldn’t thank him a million times over.  The result was this photo, my current pride and joy:

So back to our little “snafu”.  Mr eHarmony and I had not discussed parking beforehand, and I just assumed we’d do valet parking at the Needle because we were eating dinner there.  I saw the prices as we drove up….$15 and $8.  I didn’t know what the costs were for, but Mr eHarmony kept on driving and went past.  I was confused.  Well, I found out he hates valet parking.  He thinks it’s too expensive.  I wanted valet parking because we were driving my pilot, and my feet hurt (yes, still sore after hiking the previous week and walking all over Pioneer square, and around Seattle before dinner).  But he kept adamantly refusing because he thought valet parking was too expensive and he didn’t want anyone strange driving in his car.  Again I said “but it’s my car”.  And he found a parking lot a couple blocks away for a cheap $7 and we walked to the needle.  It really wasn’t a bad walk, and the air felt great, so I just dealt with it 🙂 When we got to the space needle, guess how much valet parking was for dinner guests?


Yes, he did feel bad.  And rightfully so! haha.  But, we did learn that Mr eHarmony hates valet parking, and thinks of my stuff as his, and vice versa, so that’s a great step in the right direction for our future.

Here’s to another 6 months, 6 months more and more and more and more times infinity. I love you Mr eHarmony!


4 thoughts on “Six Months and Two Days Later…

  1. Great shot of Seattle. I love visiting Seattle. Been there many, many times on business and loved it every single time. You must go to Wild Ginger. SIt at the bar, have a cocktail or 2 and then order the 7-flavor beef, green beans, and BBQ Prawns, and I guarantee a great night to remember!

      • Glad to see you back girl. Was wondering where you have been. Since being turned on to your blog, I look everyday for updates. Honey, seeing the picture of Mr. E-harmony, i see why you have been occupied. LOL. Cutie and from your posts a good guy. Hard to find both of those these days. You look absolutely stunning yourself. From what I can gather, you and I have the same body type. I am 5’9 and well I have twins that most people know better than the color of my eyes. I am assuming you have the same issue. They do have their advantages don’t get me wrong. Glad you are having fun and I look forward to reading your next entry. Love your blog. You are so real and genuine.

        BTW – Lost another 9 pounds so far this month.


  2. Cressa, thanks so much…and yeah, I do have that issue lol. It’s precisely why I didn’t post another photo of us at the restaurant…holy boobies! lol Again, thank you for the compliments 🙂 I’m going to try post again soon…hopefully tomorrow or friday. And congrats on the weight loss!!!

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