My Legs Hurt!

After months and months of anticipation, Mr eHarmony and I went on our first hike yesterday! It was glorious, but man am I sore.  We hiked for 7.5 miles!

I’ve known this day has been coming, because it was mentioned when we first started dating 6 months ago, and we were so lucky because the weather was perfect yesterday.  We had sun, temps of 60F and clear skies for miles.  We started off at a good pace, and kept it for most of the few hours we were out with a few photo breaks (pictures at the end of the post) to rest my weary, achy feet.

I need new shoes. Desperately. My boots are NOT made for hiking, and by the last couple miles or so, I was practically hobbling like a 100-year-old woman.  My feet were on fire, and I couldn’t wear shoes for a few hours after that.  I thought I’d be fine this morning, and I was because my feet didn’t hurt at all.  And then I stood up out of bed.

I howled in pain.

My calves locked up on me, and well, I’m hobbling again today.  I guess hiking almost 8 miles really well do that to you.  But the good thing is, I loved it, and had a fabulous time with my man.  He and I walked side by side, enjoying the view, and chatting and talking the whole time.

I feel so at peace outside, and surrounded by nature.  I really needed that yesterday, as well…it was supposed to be my wedding day.  Yep.  I was engaged last year, and thankfully I didn’t marry the jackass.  Who cheats on a widow with 4 kids? That’s all I’ll say about that, and I am so much happier now.  I’ve found my best friend and partner in crime 🙂 I’m so blessed right now, and in such a happy place with Mr eHarmony.  We’ll be going hiking in a few weeks or a month again, and it can’t come soon enough.  Next time we’re taking the dog!

Here are some photos from the day:


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