Oh, To Be A Six Year Old

My “baby” girl is six years old, and it seems like she is growing up so incredibly fast.  I can’t believe that six years have already passed since she was born, and I have relished every single second (ok, except the screaming fits) as she is my baby.  No more babies after her, I had my tubes tied when she was born via c-section.

Everyone in my family has commented on how zany she is, and how she is the weirdest one of the four.  She has milked that baby phase for as long as she can, and even Mr eHarmony has commented on how he needs to stop carrying her and picking her up.  I always respond with “Dude, she’s 6 years old, 4 feet tall and weighs a good 56lbs…I stopped carrying her when she was four!”

Yesterday we had parent-teacher conferences, and her teacher showed me some of her work.  One of her stories, which I did not get a picture of, talked about a bird (her latest obsession).  The story was titled: “The Bird That Pyooct”, and went something like this:

I gave the robin a worm

He burped

The bird got sick and “pyooct” up the worm

The worm was bloody.

Lovely, right? This brings us to our next item.  I took a picture of this one, can you read it?

One of the winners we’ve also heard from her recently happened the other day as we were driving past a large statue of Albert Einstein.  Out of the backseat I hear this little voice pipe up asking… “Was he stoned?”.  And then the laughter…oh I could not stop laughing.  Obviously she meant was Albert turned into stone when he died, but the way she said it was so funny that her siblings and I could not stop giggling.   And then on the same trip, the kids were all telling jokes and hers was this:

“What if a cat mated with a hand?….Handicat!”

What is with her? She’s crazy! She makes me laugh so much.  I wish I could share these things with her daddy, he would get such a kick out of it.  She was such a daddy’s girl.



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