Don’t Eat That, Fatty!

I know I’ve been absent lately, and I apologize for that, but the writing bug has not been around for quite some time.  I felt that I had nothing interesting to say, but from now on I am going to make it a goal to write at least ONE post a week.  Thanks so much to a reader for commenting today, and asking me about my Biggest Losers Challenge.

So you all want an update? Well last week I was in third place.  Third out of 35 women! I was at 4.07% lost in two weeks. That’s pretty damn awesome, eh? Well, this week I am doing crappy, crappity crappity shitty sucky sucking.

I think I’ve lost about 11lbs total, but that’s not all fat.  And actually, less than 11lbs now because I gained 1.4lbs this week due to those wonderous bitches, Aunt Flo and her friend, PMS.  When I was first weighed in on a different scale, I was fully dressed and had just eaten a foot long sub at Subway (healthy, mind you).  But I weigh myself naked every morning after I get out of bed, and then throw on some clothes for my Biggest Loser weigh-in.  I’m always heavier with clothes, but always lighter on my own scale because I haven’t eaten anything.

My only saving grace has been my exercise, which has been quite consistent, and the fact that I *usually* don’t eat past 7PM if I can help it.  I work out with my trainer three times a week for a half hour, and do cardio 4-5 days a week (i’m trying to make it a consistent 5). But my diet? Wow, you’d think i was eating like I was just getting back from the real Biggest Loser, and stuffing my face full of ever calorie laden, salty, chocolatey savory food item I can stuff in my mouth as a result of deprivation.  Ok, maybe not that bad, but it has been full of junk food and not stuff I need to be eating at all.

I know that if I could get a handle on my eating, I’d do awesome, and soar to the top, but for some reason my stomach has more power than that little voice in my head saying “Don’t eat that, fatty!”.

I DO know HOW to eat well, but I can’t seem to have a good balance with good vs bad food.  I do usually eat plenty of produce, grape tomoatoes, spinach, sugar snap peas, carrots, berries etc.  And love eating raw almonds, cheese sticks, and homemade smoothies. I usually eat dinner with my kids, but in a smaller portion.  Really, my “normal” diet is fine, I just eat too much junk food.

Mr eHarmony, the kids, and I are going to visit The Great White North, aka my homeland of British Columbia, Canada, in May, so I figured I should do better so I can be an even hotter momma for that trip.  For you see, he and I have an ingenious plan, and that includes pawning off the kids each of the three nights we are there.  I have very willing relatives who love to have them, so I am very eagerly handing over the reins for those nights (we’ll still see the kids during the day).  Anyway, my point is, one of those nights I want myself and Mr eHarmony to go out for a nice dinner, and I want to wear a cute dress too.  The biggest loser challenge will be over by then, but I want to keep at it and do better, so that my man can have a hottie on his arm in May.

That’s the three-week update for the Biggest Loser.  My diet is 50% suckage, 50% good. I am determined to do much better next week though, so I have six more days to make it up.

Needs more cardio and less sugar!




5 thoughts on “Don’t Eat That, Fatty!

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  2. Don’t beat yourself up. In the overall outlook you have LOST. 1.4 pounds is *barely* a gain, and it could be due to water retention (most likely with the friend in town) as well as the saltier/fatty foods you have been eating. But it’s ok! There’s a new day ahead and you have already proven to yourself that you know how to lose. Now purge your household of the crap, get some snacks that make you feel like you’re splurging without REALLY splurging and enjoy life babe. You’re on your way!

    • Thanks Brenda! I just get really discouraged sometimes. But the weirdest thing…I lost 2lbs since yesterday, so I’m even LESS than I was last week. I wanted to lose almost 30lbs total, so if I lose 18lbs more, then I will hit 30lbs. I think i will probably really change up my diet even more after Easter. It will only be 4 weeks, so I hope I can plug away at it.

  3. Don’t beat yourself up! In the overall sense of things you have LOST and that’s awesome. The weight gain is most likely due to water retention and the salty foods you have been eating, and that’s ok! It’s all part of how our womanly bodies work. The thing is that you know and are learning what works for you to lose weight and be healthy about it. Purge all that junk food and stock up on snacks that make you feel like your splurging without *really* splurging. You are doing this! Way to go!

  4. Hi Joanna,

    Cressa here again. Thanks so much for posting. I too am trying to lose weight by eating healtier and sticking to portion control. That is my biggest weakness. I need to work on my portions. I have lost 7 pounds in a month but I want to lose more. Tell you, if I could get rid of my twin sisters, I think I would lose 20 pounds right there. Curves, men like em but man they can be a pain in the ass. LOL!! Congrats on the weight loss so far and keep us posted on the progress. Good luck!!

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