So I Joined A “Biggest Losers” Group

And I’m on the way to becoming an even hotter momma

What have I got myself into?

Sometimes I don’t think before I act, but maybe this time it will light a fire under my ass and I’ll finally have the motivation to lose some weight.

The buy-in was $20, and I think there are about 25 ladies.  The “biggest loser” is the lady who loses the biggest percentage of weight, not the most amount of pounds.  I’m sure I could do really well with the whole poundage lost, but the percentage I will have to work on. The normal weigh-in day is Wednesday, but since I am an out-of-towner, I did mine today, and will text the organizer photos of myself on the scale so she can keep track.

I’ve struggled with my weight for years, and especially up until my husband died 2.5 years ago.  In the first few months of his passing, I lost about 50lbs, and then about 30 more over the course of the first year.  The last 18 months I have been stagnant in my weight loss, but still maintaining and also getting stronger muscles.  If only I could take control of my diet, then I’d do even better.

I’ll update this next Wednesday with my weight loss for the week, and how I did with my dieting. I’m only posting the pounds lost, not my weight (what woman in her right mind would post what she weighs!).  My goal is not to lose a certain amount of pounds, but to lose jeans sizes.

Here’s to a sexier me!

(This was just taken a few weeks ago.  No way I’m posting a whole body photo! 😛 )


2 thoughts on “So I Joined A “Biggest Losers” Group

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