11 Days In, How Have I Done?

We’re a mere 11 days into 2012, and I’ve already faltered a few times, but at least I keep picking myself up again and dusting off the dirt.

My eating habits are slowly changing…slowly.  I am doing better adding in more greens and vegetables, but I still need to work on the sweets.  Of course, it really does NOT help that Mr eHarmony brought me a 3.5lb bag of Swedish Fish last night because I am PMSing.  I love you honey, but let this be the last time you do this, hah! I say this all with humor, as I know he means well, and I appreciate the gesture, but it is hard for me to control my sweet intake when it is readily available.  I plan to let he and the kids eat much of it this weekend, and I know I will participate too.  (you can still bring me little bags!)

My biggest change has been not eating past dinner time.  In the past 11 days I have accomplished that most of the time.  A couple of nights I was starving, so I had a handful of raw almonds, but for the most part, I am doing quite well with that.

I’ve started to add in more cardio, and that has resulted in extremely tight hamstrings.  Note to self: you don’t always need a 30% incline on your elliptical, even if you have done it many many times before hand.  Mr eHarmony and my trainer are both seeing improvements in my legs, and that to me, is quite amazing.  My favorite jeans that were super tight on my butt 3 months ago, are now baggy if I wear them more than once.

My friend,and trainer, Lichelle is going to be weighing me in about two weeks, and from that point she will do it every couple of weeks and mark my progress for me.  My scale is evil!  It does not budge much at all.  That is because it only weighs you overall, and not the fat vs muscle content.  So although I AM building muscle and losing fat, the scale still does not show that.  Only my clothes do.

I don’t feel like I have made much progress over the last week and a half, but little changes over time turn into big changes, and better habits, and eventually smaller jeans!



One thought on “11 Days In, How Have I Done?

  1. Great to hear; those first couple days, and weeks, are the hardest but as long as you keep focused, you will be just fine.Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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