I Have A Mistress, and Other MishMash

I have found myself to be quite busy lately, and with that comes less time to blog.  Mr eHarmony and I have been spending most of our weekends together, and during the week, I am very busy with the kids and other commitments I have.  So I apologize for not blogging in forever!

Today I got this amazing haircut.  I’ve always had fairly long hair, as my late husband preferred it, but I never did anything with it.  It was always in a pony tail, being boring and dull.  Since he’s died, I’ve cut my hair quite a few times, and today I did it again.  I cut a ton of hair off, and it feels light and fresh again, and I am in love with it.  The cut is very sassy, very chic, and suits me to a tee.  Honestly, I feel pretty again with it cut like this.  I really think that shorter hair suits me so much more than long hair.  It’s amazing how something so simple as a haircut can make you feel like a million bucks.

This past weekend, the kids, Mr eHarmony and I, met my sister and her boyfriend in Seattle and spent the day with them.  We first went to EMP (Experience Music Project), then headed to Pike Place Market and did a bit of shopping.  Then we drove around while Mr eHarmony got lost trying to find The Cheesecake Factory.  Wait, let me backtrack…he got lost all day long, even on the way to bring my sister back to her hotel.  And he also doesn’t know how to parallel park.  When we got to their hotel, he parked so close to a tree that I had to climb out of the driver’s side door! I think the fact that he gets lost and can’t park well is because he’s half Chinese.  (Yes, I make jokes about it all the time, I tease him with love, and he’s a good sport about it!)

I am pretty sure that eating at The Cheesecake Factory was my favorite part of the whole day…not that we didn’t have fun together the rest of the time, but it was especially awesome because of all the hilarious things that were said by everyone.  One of the winners was my 9-year-old daughter E, who came back from the bathroom and promptly told Maegen and myself that there was no toilet paper.  Not such a huge deal if it’s just pee, right? Well, she had to go #2.  So this is what she told me “There was no toilet paper, so I wiped  my butt with seat covers”.  Way to be inventive, E! Of course, my sister and I had a bit of alcohol in us, and couldn’t stop laughing.

Mr eHarmony had some winners too, but he’s always good for a few laughs 😉 This wasn’t a joke, but a slip up on his part.  My sister handed the waiter her ID and explained that she was Canadian, and I did the same thing, but handed him my WA state Driver’s license.  He asked how I ended up here, and I told him that I married an American and have been here ever since.  I’m pretty sure that E then said, about Mr eHarmony, “He’s not my dad”, and then the waiter got a really confused and funny look on his face.  I tried to explain, and I was laughing while saying “Oh, he’s my boyfriend.  My husband died two years ago” blah blah blah.  The waiter was still confused, so Mr eHarmony piped up with…

“I’m her mistress”.

I think we were probably the loudest table in the restaurant at that point, none of us could stop laughing.  Later on, when we paid our check, the waiter actually told us we were his favorite table of the night, and that he had a lot of fun with us.  Well yeah, if you talk about dead husbands, Canadians and Mistresses, it’s bound to be a little crazy, eh?

So what do you call a male mistress?


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