Your Head Is Shiny!

Even when you plan something, it never really goes that way, does it?

Before our first date, Mr eHarmony had told me about this awesome place he wanted to take me, but wasn’t going to book it until after our first date when he knew he wanted to see more of me.  This big date has been looming…and it’s officially just one week away now! We can’t be more excited, as we are going on a two-hour exclusive photo tour at Northwest Trek.  Both of us are photogs, and he thought this would be something special we could share together.  I am so stoked for it! I get to bring my tripod too, so I am hoping to catch some really great photos of the animals while we are there.

On our second date, I asked Mr eHarmony when he would feel comfortable meeting the kids. The reason behind that is that being a single mom, I can’t always go out and do all day dates, and sooner or later, the kids will become part of our story together.  Together we came up with November 12th, which will be almost two months that we’ll have known each other.  That is also the day of our big date at Northwest Trek, and since we’ll only be gone in the morning and early afternoon, I thought it would be a good idea.  So that’s the plan! We’re going to come back here afterwards and then I will make all of us dinner and we can bond 😛

However, as my intro sentence said, “Even when you plan something, it doesn’t always go that way, does it?”.  Nope.

Yesterday Mr eHarmony and I had our weekly date, except this time it was just an afternoon at Ikea and me cooking us dinner at his apartment.  One thing I love about him is that he is always early (almost always), but I am sure that is entirely to do with him being in the military for so long.  About 12:30, I texted him and asked when he would be here, and he said he was only two minutes away.  Oh shit.  Well, he pulled up into the driveway, and I told him the sitter still wasn’t here, so he decided to come in and meet the kids. Completely unplanned, but completely successful.

Do you know what he did? He brought my kids three Wii games, a Gamecube game, a wii controller w/ wii motion plus and a nunchuck, and a wii zapper.  They were all his, but he generously gave them to the kids, as he wanted to start things off on the right foot.  Their reactions were awesome.  He had expressed nervousness to me before hand about meeting them, and was worried they wouldn’t like him, but I knew it would be fine.  I had no doubts.  The  kids and he only got to spend a half hour together before we left and the sitter arrived, but because things were going so well, I told the kids they could stay up and be awake when he and I came back to the house after dinner.  They had a wii date to keep with Mr eHarmony!

Later last night, we came home and he spent about an hour and a half with the older three kids (the baby fell asleep).  I knew the kids would love him, as he is incredibly funny, and has kept me laughing the entire time I’ve known him.  I actually am finding it somewhat difficult to write because Mr eHarmony reads this blog, and I don’t want to over inflate his already large ego 😉 But needless to say, he was a HUGE hit with the kids, and they loved him.  He is very patient with them, very funny, very interactive…and he listens to them.  He shows interest in them.  And this is a 35-year-old bachelor who has never been married, has no kids, and has been in the army for 14 years!  So Mr eHarmony, you get a million points from me!

The best part of the evening though? Two things actually….

Before he started playing on the wii with the boy, he had a little dance party with the two older girls.  This is blackmail, as I have TWO videos of him….one is dancing around in the kitchen to “Evacuate the dance floor”,  and doing the “fire hydrant” and some random disco moves with a silly look on his face.  The other video is him SINGING along to “I’m too Sexy” by Right Said Fred, and doing a couple little pirouettes.   Blackmail I tell you.  I had tears running down my face watching those videos again this morning.

And my favorite part of the whole evening, was when he was in the kitchen talking to the kids, sitting on the floor playing with the dogs, and E (my 9 year old) bluntly says to him:

“Your head is shiny”

Yep, my Mr eHarmony is balding. And we couldn’t stop laughing.



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