My Son Can Write

I never knew how much my son was like his father until today.

Well, I take that back.  M looks like a skinnier version of his dad, they make the same facial expressions, and M acts a lot like his father did.  It will be such a wonderful thing to watch M grow up and become a young man, looking like his daddy…something I am a little scared of, but I think it will be good. I will get to see my husband forever living on in his children, and especially his son.

M, my 2nd oldest child is my pride and joy.  I love all of my kids equally, but today I am so proud of him.  He is in 5th grade with his twin sister, and he is so stinking smart.  He definitely got that from his father, because the math and science gene was not a contributing factor from me.  He is tall, and at 10.5, he is 5.5″.  He wears men’s size 10.5/11 shoes and has bigger feet than me.  He is the tallest kid in his grade, not just his class!  He has this uncanny musical ability, and has picked up the trumpet like it’s nobody’s business.  And when my sister gave him her guitar over labor day weekend, he taught himself how to play, and now can play really well and is only getting better.  He can draw like an artist, and loves to make comics.  Every mother thinks their children are beautiful, but my son will break some hearts some day.  His dad was such a stud…and M will be taking after him, I can see that already.  My husband would be so proud of him.

But boy can that boy write.

Today before school he was so excited to show me a short story he wrote for school. He placed it on the bar for me, and I read it after he left, and I was stunned by how good it was.  It was just one page, but the story was so well written, and by a mere 10-year-old. His words were so expressive, and it hit me that his dad used to write like that. But also, M gets the writing from me too, as I can also write very well, though my writing abilities didn’t surface until after my husband died.

I guess I was just really struck by how well M wrote this story, and how well his words flowed from one paragraph to the next.  The world is his oyster, and he has so many opportunities to choose from.

And I am so proud of him.


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