Adventures With Chili

As has become our weekly tradition, Mr eHarmony and I had another date yesterday, and I cooked him dinner when we got back to my house.  I’m really enjoying cooking dinner for him, as it is more pleasurable for me than cooking for the kids all week.  I enjoy having a man to cook for again, and am already planning out what I will make us next weekend.  Cooking for the kids is something I have to do…and I do it, but I love having him to cook for because it isn’t as much of a chore.  I love my kids, but I don’t love cooking for them all the time.

I have a reputation for really amazing chili.  Like seriously awesome chili, and I also have a couple of secret ingredients I put in it that make it all the better.  Yesterday morning before Mr eHarmony came to pick me up, I did all the prep work and had everything ready to go so I could throw it in the crock pot right before we left.  The kids were gone with a friend of mine, so it was just he and I in the house, and we enjoyed a late lunch together after I put everything in the crock pot.  I was so excited for this chili, and even more excited to show him again how well I can cook.

Out the door we went to the zoo, where we had an amazing time and took lots of photos.  I was so excited to show him the Tigers, as they are my favorite animals there.  After the zoo we had a movie date, and like the two mature adults we are, we saw Puss in Boots. Such a cute movie!  We had a few good laughs.  The kids will definitely enjoy it, and I loved the spin-off from Shrek.   Mr eHarmony and I then spent a bit of time at his apartment as we were killing time before the kids went to bed (he hasn’t met them yet, and wont for a couple of weeks yet), and wow…that dude has a nice place! I have to say, I’m proud of my geeky Mr eHarmony.  He did a fantastic job cleaning up lol.  I also realized I may have a bit of competition for my photography!  He does quite well with it too.

By then it was time to come back here to the house, and he and I walked into the house expecting to smell the sweet smell of chili that has been simmering in the crock pot all afternoon.

Except there was none.

I walked into the kitchen, and asked my girlfriend what the heck happened to my chili.  Her response? “Oh, the crock pot wasn’t plugged in when we got home, so I just did it a couple of hours ago”.  And the blood drained from my face as I looked back and forth from her to Mr eHarmony to the crockpot. The prep work that I had so lovingly done all morning, the chili that Mr eHarmony was looking forward to all day after all this hype from me, the dinner we were supposed to be enjoying right then….it was all kaput.  I had raw chili.

I guess when Mr eHarmony came into the house, and he and I were eating lunch, I was so enamored with him and the big box of Godiva chocolates he brought me, that I forgot to plug it in.  And yes, there was lots of laughing from him…and lots of swearing from me.  And “I’m sorry I failed you!!!  I really meant to cook you dinner”.  I was so mad at myself.  I was standing there at the stove, muttering to myself about how stupid I was, and spooning chili into the pot at the same time.

Talk about embarrassing.

I did manage to save the chili though, and cooked it on the stove for about a half hour, and it turned out fabulously.  Mr eHarmony devoured it, and had two bowls full, and as usual, I sent him home with leftovers for his dinner tonight.  Next time I guess I better pay better attention.


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