One Of Those Days

Well, it has turned into a typical monday for me…

I woke up at 6:30 by the sound of my puppy Athena barking from her kennel.  She has been a bit under the weather lately, and last night I was quite worried about her.  A quick phone call to the emergency vet clinic last night, and I was told to induce vomiting via hydrogen peroxide.  So picture this….me, my yellow lab, and us running around our cul-de-sac until she vomits everywhere all over the road.  At 10PM at night….I was running around the street with my dog, in my yoga pants and a t-shirt.  This morning she wasn’t any better, but after being let out of her kennel, she promptly threw up.

That wasn’t the worse part though, as I was cleaning up her vomit, my oldest daughter informed me that our cat Zeus had peed on the carpet, yet again.  So I had a dog vomit and a cat pee within two feet of each other.  And I had to hurry up and eat breakfast before my trainer got here.  All this happened before 7:15AM.

Out comes the Spot Bot, cleaning up vomit and pee…and out the door we go to the bus stop.  Athena at this point is looking pretty shitty, so I called the vet at 7:30 AM and they told me to come in right away, which effectively cancelled my appointment with my trainer.  Athena’s belly was hard and distended, and she had been making a god awful gagging noise since last night.

A word of advice? As it is with humans and WebMD, don’t google your dog’s symptoms. Just trust the vet, they are all knowing.  Athena and I made our way to the vet, where she had an x-ray to see what was wrong.  I was quite worried because her breathing was labored.

You know what the x-ray revealed? About 3 lbs of kibble in her belly.  Yep.  My dog ate so much she gorged herself, and her stomach was the size of a volleyball.  A volleyball in a 56lb 18 month old yellow lab. Fucking pig dog! The vet suggested she should have a curly tail! haha

I got her home, and then settled down to watch last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. Not 10 minutes into the show, I hear this awful slimy moist sound coming from beside the couch.

She left me a huge pile of dog vomit to clean up.

I was violently dry heaving, and about to throw up myself while doing that.  Oh it was disgusting, and I could not stop gagging.  Just imagine a steaming heap of sour-smelling half digested kibble, and stomach mucus.  It was pretty gnarly.

And then I got to give my cat antibiotics because the vet thinks he may have a bladder infection.  Have you ever tried to pin a cat down and drop 1.5 droppers full of pink amoxicillin down his throat while he wrestles to get away, and promptly scratches your legs through your jeans and makes you bleed?  It’s not so much fun, I found out.  If the antibiotics don’t cure this pee issue…then we’re going to assume it’s a behavioral thing and he’ll be on Kitty Prozac.

Do I need to get my cat a shrink?


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