Dating And The Single Mom, Part 2

Well guess what? Mr eHarmony and I went on date #2 yesterday!

I have to say, the second date was even better than the first one! Mr eHarmony treated me to a day in Seattle yesterday.  He picked me up at noon, and we headed over to Seattle to Ride the Ducks.  This was hilarious, but we had such a great time.  It was a little bizarre being tourists in a city so close to our own, but we loved it none-the-less.  Being that I have lived in Washington for 11 years now, and never done a tour of Seattle like that, it actually was quite enlightening to see the city from a different viewpoint than what I was used to. Yeah, it was dorky, but a LOT of fun.

After we rode the duck, we got lost trying to find Red Mill Burgers.  Again, more laughing from the both of us, as we landed up going too far north on I-5, and then having to turn around numerous times.  Let’s just say, Mr eHarmony and I would have to do a lot of practicing before we are to ever do The Amazing Race together.  We stink at navigation. We eventually arrived at the famed burger joint, and proceeded to stuff our faces.  The country’s best onion rings? HELL YES.  Seriously, amazing amazing amazing.

Our next stop was Pike Place Market.  Now, I’ve done Pike Place a few times already, more than that actually, but Mr eHarmony had never been.  We only had a short time in the market, but we made the most of it.  We speed walked through the  market, past the fish tosser dudes, and went downstairs to my favorite store in the market Golden Age Collectibles.  If you know me, this is where I got my bumper sticker that says “I like to waste gas and run over children”.  I knew he would love this shop as much as I did, and his face lit up when he saw a big Godzilla…and promptly bought it.  I myself purchased a 12″ pose-able talking Bender, a Tardis key chain, and some bacon related products for my son for Christmas.  Bender is awesome, and my favorite Futurama character.  This talking Bender says 12 different phrases, my favorite of which is “Bite my shiny metal ass”.  We also hit up the German delicatessen and Sur La Table, where I geeked out at all the different cupcake items (and purchased three different types of cupcake liners, and an expensive $10 spatula with an owl on it).

It was almost time for us to head home, as it was getting dark, and I had told my sitter we’d be back by 8PM. I had also promised Mr eHarmony that I would cook him dinner too when we got back, so we had to head back to my pace.  But before we left, we found that little park by the market, parked our butts on a little table, and started out at the water and the lights.  We were talking, and laughing about the day, and enjoying our last few minutes in Seattle.

And then  Mr eHarmony put his arm around me, leaned towards me, and kissed me in the rain.


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