Cupcake Goodness

I would have written yesterday, but it was my middle daughter’s 9th birthday and party!  I can’t believe she is 9 years old already, the time has just flown by.  She has turned into a gorgeous young woman, and will definitely be turning some heads when she is older.  Oy!

My mom was here for her birthday, and just left, so I have time to sit down and write.  I was on my feet almost all day yesterday, and I am exhausted.  I baked four dozen cupcakes yesterday morning, and frosted almost all of them.  The party was purple and silver, so I did four different shades of purple frosting.  Talk about a lot of work!

Here are some drool inducing pictures for your enjoyment!

I know this post isn’t very interesting, but truth be told, I’m emotionally exhausted. Tomorrow will be 2 years ago that my husband died and I just want to forget.  I don’t want to have to deal with tomorrow at all and I’d rather just skip the day all together.  I’ve got a busy day planned; Getting a pedicure with a girlfriend in the morning, going to another girlfriend’s house for tea for the afternoon, and then the kids and I are going out for dinner tomorrow night to my husband’s favorite restaurant.  Just trying to keep as busy as I can really…


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