Meet Horace and Penelope

Remember that epicness I mentioned last week? Well, let me introduce you to the Glitter Is My Prozac mascots, Horace and Penelope!!

They’re your normal every day bacon, except they’re glittery zombies! (hence the blog name,

Their first official photo together, outside of the Glitter is My Prozac residence.

  They’ve moved from the welcome sign to the owl!  They move pretty fast for being the undead.Horace looks longingly at the owl’s head

I’m pretty sure Penelope is thinking “mmmmm brains”

“We both love brains!”  The owl looks pretty scared at this point.

Can Zombie Bacons eat pumpkins?

Sure they can! But Horace looks pretty horrified at what Penelope is doing.

“OMG Penelope! We ate an owl AND three pumpkins!!”  I think Penelope is the more devious Zombie Bacon, she doesn’t seem to have a conscience at all. Horace still looks horrified.

Check back soon for more adventures with Horace and Penelope!


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