Lunch With Donkey

Yeah, sorry about that odd title.  But it’s true, I had lunch with Donkey today.  Donkey is a good twitter friend of mine, and now an “in real life” friend as well.  His real name will be left unsaid, because he wants to be anonymous. His nickname is Donkey…I gave that to him last year, and it is a Shrek reference.

Last year, about a year and a half ago or so, Donkey and I met on twitter and started talking to each other a lot, and became friends.  A year ago this time, he informed me he was going to be in Seattle on a business trip, and I suggested we get together.  We did get to meet, but only for a measly 5 minutes 😦 I was standing outside of Safeco Field waiting for a Mariner’s game to start (the one where they beat the Texas Rangers!!), with all four of the spawn, in the pouring rain, waiting for Donkey to show up.  We had a game to go to, and he had something else going on, but we got a quick meet and greet.  A quick hug, “hi how are you?”, “cool that we finally get to meet” blah blah blah.  And that was it!

A couple of weeks ago I noticed he posted on twitter that he was coming to Seattle again, so I immediately sent him a message, and we got the ball rolling.  Today was that day!

After my trainer left this morning, I got ready to go, and left about 11AM to see Donkey.  I was really excited because we hadn’t been able to catch up in a while.  Me and Seattle traffic don’t go hand in hand together.  You can give me directions, I can follow my garmin and yell at her too, but I will still get lost and take the wrong exit.  Like I did today.  On the way there, and on the way home.

I met him at noon, and we had lunch at FX McRory’s.  It was so fun, just like seeing an old friend, and I didn’t have to pay for my lunch either, score! (Thanks again Donkey!).  In what was a first for me, I gave relationship advice to a man.  Can you believe that? I suppose I have some experience now.

One of the favorite parts of our lunch though, was Donkey explaining to me how his beloved dog Saxxon had failed at being a stud.  Yep, we talked about dog sex at lunch.  I bet that doesn’t happen very often!  Apparently Saxxon is a big 80lb, long dog, and his bitch was this little small thing.  I was informed that Saxxon couldn’t “connect” with her, but he enthusiastically tried many many times.  At this point during lunch, I was laughing so hard that sound didn’t come out, and practically choking on my food.

Lunch was over  at about 1:15, we only had a short time to meet unfortunately, and then we hugged goodbye and went our separate ways.  I did notice however, on the way to Seattle, that I had a couple stow-a-ways in the pilot with me.  Those sneaky zombie bacons snuck into my truck!  I knew they’d get into some crazy shenanigans today.  So me, being the generous driver, took them for a bit of a tour of the outside of Century Link Field, and they got to see where the Sounders and the Seahawks play.  Thankfully I had my camera too!  I’ll post those next week sometime.  Horace and Penelope had a fabulous time though, almost as much fun as I had about learning about dog sex.


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